Monday, June 30, 2008

Weekend Update

God it was hot this weekend! After days of cool weather, the heat came back with a vengeance Saturday and Sunday. And the humidity was not doing my hair any favors. We also had scattered thundershowers, which managed not to cool off anything.

Saturday, after some much needed maintenance (roots, pedicure, legs shaved), I headed out to Brooklyn to this really tiny bar called Barbes, to see the Wingdale Community Singers play along with Liz Maverick, Megan Frampton, Stacey Agdern and my friend Lucy. As always, our conversation turned to men. I wondered why they hadn't come up with the technology where by women could have some sort of device that would automatically point out all the single men in a bar. Not only that, but would then run a background check, as well as a credit report, so you know whether or not to bother.

Seriously, if someone could come up with this, it would make a fortune. Or maybe I've just been watching too many episodes of MI-5. We all agreed however, that we've completely given up on the notion of Internet dating. I know that some people think of it as the equivalent of shopping on line, but JCrew and Victoria's Secret don't have quite as many choices as the average Internet Dating site, and I seriously don't have the time to spend trolling through all the profiles trying to find someone.

We also discussed the news that in London, tailors are now allowed to call suits bespoke that are actually ready to wear, totally removing the cachet of having a bespoke suit. Bespoke basically means that the suit was tailored specifically for the client. Its like the male version of couture. Can you imagine the havoc in Paris, if the fashion houses were able to call the pret a porter couture? No one would spend the $10,000 to $100,000 for a dress, if you could buy one for $3,000 and have it called couture. All those little old seamstresses would be going blind for nothing.

We found this other really groovy bar called Dram Shop literally like a block away that had a great whiskey and beer list, and yummy french fries. Liz took some great photos which eventually I hope to post. It was actually an early night for a change, I managed to get back to the city by midnight.

Sunday, I went to see Get Smart with ex-sweetie pie. I have to say that I really enjoyed this movie probably because I had such low expectations. The previews didn't look all that funny which is unusual. Generally, the previews give away all the good jokes. Steve Carell was excellent as Maxwell Smart. They allowed him to preserve what was great about Don Adams interpretation but they made him a little smarter, and a little more effective as an agent. They even gave him a bit of a back story which I don't remember in the series. Of course, like in the series, Anne Hathaway as 99 was smarter and more together. And she could seriously kick some butt in this movie. The ex also really liked the movie although we disagreed on whether or not there should be a sequel.

Afterwards, we had dinner at Ruby Tuesday, which is one of the many chain restaurants littering Times Square (seriously they couldn't have opened a PF Chang's?), but its one of the better ones. I had the salad bar and a crab cake, while the ex indulged his taste for red meat. We shared the chocolate cake and then returned to the fray in Times Square. Spain beat Germany in the Eurocup or whatever it was, and it was also the Gay Pride parade yesterday so it was packed. I dragged the ex into Ann Taylor Loft because apparently I labor under the delusion that I don't have enough shoes or clothes. I ended up buying a pair of gold braided thongs that looked really groovy. Of course, now I have to buy outfits that go with the shoes.

The ex and I trolled through Virgin Mega-store before finally saying good-bye at the subway station. I'm very glad that we've managed to stay friends since our break-up. I've known him for 15 years now, and I can't imagine not having him in my life as a friend.

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