Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Things I Have Learned in the Past Few Days

1. If you go to enough Tasty Delite stores and get free samples, it's almost like having a whole dessert for free!

2. Check the address for the store you are looking for before wandering around Union Square in the heat for an hour.

3. Hey, Joey McIntyre, if you are doing a video where you are playing a guy on the make in a club, you might not want to flash that wedding ring around (but you are still cute).

4. So Dylan is the father of Kelly's baby on 90210. Didn't see that one coming (Not!). This is why I'm boycotting this new version of the show. It's lame.

5. And when faced with an impossible situation, it is better to walk away rather than throwing a glass of wine in the beyotch's face, no matter how satisfying it might seem.

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