Saturday, September 06, 2008

Too Plump for Primetime

I love the show Mad Men, it's one of my favorites but I was a little disturbed when I saw this article:
Not so much because of what the writer had to say but because it's a shame that in 2008 we still have to talk about this. But every year we do, particularly when America's Next Top Model includes a plus-size contestant.
As for Rachel Zoe, what was the point I wonder of featuring her in article where they photoshop her into a size 8? To show her what normal people look like? Ones who don't look like they need intravenous feeding?
This is one of the reasons that I focused on theater when I was acting. When I was normal size, I wasn't getting calls to audition for movies or films, but once I dropped down to a size 0, that's when I got calls to audition for commercials, starting gets lots of extra work on soaps etc.
Thank god, I'm a writer where I'm judged on my words and not on what I look like!

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Kwana said...

Good article. I'm glad it's at least being said. Finally someone is noticing that this is becoming a real problem. You're right that it's a shame that we still have to talk about it.