Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Don't Blame the Democrats!

Wow, so many things are going on that I totally missed that I had written my 1,000th post yesterday. I can't believe I've had 1,000 things to say in the past 3 years. Yeah me!

And wasn't last night's Gossip Girl awesome? It totally made up for the fact that I have yet to pick a favorite couple on Dancing with the Stars. I'm just not that excited. Truthfully I had more fun watching the NKOTB Behind the Music special than I did DWTS. Maybe it's the fact that so many of the celebrities are pretty bad (I'm talking about you Kim Kardashian and Rocco DiSpirito) and not in a fun way. When Brooke Burke is wowing the judges with her dancing (and surprisingly she's kinda good), it's a wacky world. I feel for Karina Smirnoff. According to my dance teacher, she's the only one of the pros, who has an international title, yet apart from the two Mario's, she's had dud after dud of partners. Is it because she's not as family friendly cute as Cheryl Burke and Julianne Hough? Or because she comes off as kind of desperate to win?

In other news, the bailout bill proposed by the President was defeated in the house 228 to 205, and this time you can't blame the Democrats because more Republicans voted nay than Democrats. Of course, McCain tried to blame Obama and the Democrats for the defeat because Nancy Pelosi blamed Bush for getting the country in the situation in the first place. Guess what, it's not their fault that the Republican members are more worried about saving their seats and their asses. Yeah, sure Obama could have gotten on the horn and tried to persuade more Democrats to vote yes, but clearly he wasn't sold on the deal in the first place. I guess McCain can't take credit for brokering the deal since it didn't go through.

Loved Jon Stewart's take on McCain suspending his campaign to fix things and they are still not fixed.

Sigh, is November 4th here yet?

There is however some good news. Today is the Jewish New Year and it is also the release date for Liz Maverick's new book Irreversible with the groovy cover that looks straight out of the AHA video from the eighties.

You can see the cover here and read an excerpt or just go out and buy the book!


Kwana said...

Happy 1000th post!!!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

You make a great pimp. Er, you know what I mean. And congrats on your 1,000th post. (You were counting?!)

:) Liz

Elizabeth Kerri Mahon said...

No, Liz, but Blogger fortunately was! Happy 2nd day of Book release week.