Monday, May 16, 2005

A Brand New Day

Hey! Here I am sitting at my desk at my brand new temp job, and already I'm bored out of my skull. And the freaking phone hasn't stopped ringing all day. They have this bizarre phone system here at generic investment bank where you have to scroll down to see whose line is ringing. Is that the most dumb ass idea I've ever heard of. More work for me. Yippee! I can already tell who are going be the pains in the ass in the department (and you know who you are!).

I hit the ground running this morning, with a bunch of travel reservations that had to be changed. Unfortunately the assistant who I'm filling in for today, filed all her documents in word in the wrong directory, so I had to do a search to find the intineraries to make the changes. Then she didn't leave me her internet password, so I had to search across her desk for it. Damn, I would jabbed my eyes out with the letter opener if I hadn't found it. Otherwise, I would have been twiddling my thumbs all day long.

I have no access to the A drive. I can understand why they do it. This why you can't bring lovely computer viruses from home to your network computer, but it makes it difficult to do revisions or print out the pages I need for my book. So, I now have to email myself all relevant documents. Can you say headache?

I managed to write my June President's letter by the skin of my teeth. I cheated this month, and wrote my top ten beach reads, instead of some heartfelt President's letter about Father's day or other crap. I'll reprint it in the next few days, see what other people think. I had to eliminate tons of books to come up with ten but since I'm limited to around 750 words, what can I do.

On the way back from lunch, I got lost trying to find my desk which was really fun. I kept going the wrong way because it all looks the same. I still have an hour to go. Yikes!

So I'm blogging to pass the time. Nothing much to report. I took a quiz over at Vanessa Virtue to see which Desperate Housewife I was. Apparently, I'm Gabrielle! I don't know how that happened, if anything I'm much more prone to being Lynette than Gabrielle, which a pinch of Susan thrown in there for spice. Thank god, I'm not Edie though. That would be frightening.

I meant to blog over the weekend, but you know how it is, with my busy social life. Can't get to the computer. Actually, this is the second weekend in a row, where I was actually busy. Not dating, or anything really interesting like that, but I did get out and about.

Saturday, after Pilates, I headed down to 34th Street for a spot of shopping. Popped into Aerosoles to see if they had the shoes that I wanted in gold. Of course they didn't. Ever since they were featured in In Touch magazine, all the gold sandals have been out of stock. Damn you Eva Longoria!

Not that she wears Aerosoles on her pampered tootsies. No this was one of those steal her style features. The gold Aerosole sandals were close enough to the no doubt $500 Manolo Blahnik or Jimmy Choo's that she was wearing with her BeBe top.

I added two new blogs to the list, Liz Maverick, whose Adventures of an Ice Princess I started reading on the 3 trains I had to take to get to work this morning (can you tell I'm a little peeved?). Also Mary Janice Davidson, author of the Undead series, has also started a blog. I thought of including her on my list of beach reads. Darn it! She would definitely be number 11. I love the Undead series. I also didn't include the Harry Potter books, because I didn't think it was fair since I'd have to include all 6 books.

Saturday night, I went over to a small gathering on the Upper West Side. MC was in town from London, and we were all gathered for an impromptu cocktail party. I first met MC twelve years ago, when I played Perdita in The Winters Tale, at the late West Side Repertory Theatre. We've kept in touch on and off over the years, and whenever I'm in London, I give her a ring, or I see her with Lucia. We also had a fabulous time in Venice last year at Carnivale. MC has the best life with houses in Granada, Cornwall, a flat in New York, and one in London. Of course they're doll size, but you can't go wrong with real estate.

Of course, no cute guys were there, no it was a total bust that way, but I did meet some interesting people, and had a great discussion bashing Bush with Elf's new fiancee (Yes, her name is Elf, don't ask).

Sunday was the AIDS Walk. Again, no cute straight guys, but it was for a good cause, so I can't really complain. I walked 10 miles yesterday, if you count the 9th Avenue Food Festival, and I'm still tired today, not to mention that my back is killing me. I met a potential massage therapist while walking, and I managed to raise 3/4 of the $800 I wanted to raise. I still have till June 1st to raise more money, so I will be contacting people. It's not over yet!

I had a great time at the Food Festival, although there weren't nearly as many restaurants from the neighborhood participating this year. I tried to look for cute guys but it was impossible. It was hot, and then it rained for about ten minutes, and then got hot again. It's hard to look for cute guys when you are dog tired. I came home, took a nap, watched Charmed and Desperate Housewives, and was off to dreamland by 11:00 p.m.

Very worried about Lynnette on DH. There's one episode left to the season, and I'm afraid she's really screwed things up with Tom this time, but maybe it's a good thing. Clearly, she's not meant to be a stay-at-home Mom. I would love it if they did a role reversal, and had Tom be a Desperate Housewive next year. Can't you just see Edie and Tom playing poker?

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Charlie Horse said...

Hi Elizabeth,

I was at the RWANYC website and saw that you are now the President and there was a link to your blog. I joined two years ago but disappeared after I was sent abroad by my company but would like to rejoin. How can I get a hold of the newsletter you just finished or do you I have to pay up first ;)

I Have been reading through your blog (these things are addictive!) and have gotten to enjoy your writing style. Good luck with the job (and the cute guys search ;)