Thursday, May 05, 2005

Fallen Idol

Wow, what a week it's been on Reality TV. Sarah W on The Bachelor has shown herself to be one of the most self-absorbed humans on the planet, she even belongs to a special race, the pretty race. I'm not going to go into details about what she said in her rant in the limo on her way to the airport, but it was classic. Not even Trish, the whore, from The Bachelor 5 or Omarosa are this deluded. If you want to read the whole rant, you can find it here at Reality Steve. Trust me, you will not be disappointed! In other news, Sarah B refused to spend the night with The Bachelor and still got a rose. Wow, Charlie, you finally showed some class!

Last night on American Idol, Scott Savol was finally booted off, leaving Anthony Federov still in the final four. Yeah! I've made it clear before that I didn't think that Scott was the American Idol, and I'm glad that he was finally put out of his misery. I'm sure that some record company will pick him up. With some polish, and training, he might just have a career.

Now on to Fallen Idol. Last night ABC aired a special edition of Primetime Live, featuring Corey Clark, one of the disgraced contestants from season 2. If you don't remember Corey, it's because he was booted off after it was revealed that he had hidden his arrest record from producers. Now 2 years later, he claims that he and Paula Abdul, one of the judges, had an affair, and she offered to help him out with coaching.

After watching the program, I don't know what to think. I find it interesting that he waited 2 years to tell his story, instead of opening his mouth, when he was booted off the program. It was clear then, that he felt that he didn't deserve the boot. Now that he has a CD coming out and is shopping around a book proposal (I'm amzaed that Judith Regan hasn't snapped this up. Hell, she published Michael Bergin's nasty little book), he's telling his story.

His evidence is sorely lacking. He has clothing receipts that were paid in cash, and he claims that Paula gave him the money. A cell phone that she supposedly bought for him. His friends and his parents claim that they spoke to her. Now, how is that he was able to sneak out of the hotel where the contestants were staying, to be with her, and no one knew about it? No one saw the two of them together allegedly buying music.

I can understand his friends backing him up, but not his parents. If they say they talked to her on the phone, you kind of have to believe it happened. On the other hand, how stupid would Paula Abdul have to be to jeopardize the best thing that has happened to her in a long time? Before, AI, she was a serious has-been, a candidate for the Surreal Life. Now she's back on top again. Would she risk throwing that all away for a 22 year-old contestant? I hate to say it but Corey Clark ain't that talented. It was clear from the beginning of the second season that Clay or Reuben were the ones to beat.

Reality News Online has had several articles about the special. Apparently, Trenyce, one of the other contestants who was voted off in season 2, was also supposed to be interviewed, but she decided not to participate because of Corey Clark's allegations. Supposedly, she was advised not to hitch her wagon to his train in terms of revelations. I'd be interested to hear her take on what went on behind the scenes.

How will this affect AI? I don't know. Paula issued a flat denial through her lawyers, and AI stated that they would investigate. This can't be good for Paula, who has already dealt with being involved in a hit and run with another car, and allegations of drug use. It may behoove the judges to involve another judge next year.

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pam said...

Hi Elizabeth,

I missed the Fallen Idol special! I've read enough though that I feel like I've seen it. I think it's just silly. A shameless big for publicity on his part to promote his music, and hopefully snag a tell-all book. But, I don't think anyone really cares. So, maybe she did have a fling with him, really what is the harm? He's of age, and it's not like the judges get to vote once the show is underway. If he had won, or been one of the last standing, then there might be something worth investigating. But the guy just didn't do well, and now he's trying to cash in, by making Paula look bad. Whether it's true or not, I think he's just pathetic.
She's clearly not the brightest bulb either. :)