Friday, May 27, 2005

Happy Memorial Weekend

Apparently I'm secretly evil. Who knew? I certainly didn't maybe because it's a secret! It's Friday here, and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they let us out early. It's always hit or miss with investment banks. Sometimes, they're generous and they let us out as soon as the market closes, other times, they're overtly evil and I have to work until at least 5 p.m. Since I'm a temp, they always want someone around to watch the phones, like someone important is going to call at 4:45 on Friday before a holiday weekend.

The sun is out today, which is a good thing. Let's hope that it stays that way all weekend. I'm not doing anything much, except hanging out in the city with friends, catching up on my reading, and finishing up some details before I start the great novel launch on Wednesday, June 1st.

Something to make your weekend a little brighter. Isn't he cute? That's Tyler Florence, the host of Food 911. He can come help me out in my kitchen anytime. I watch the Food Network alot and he's one of my favorite chefs. I've even eaten at Cafeteria here in New York, even though he's no longer associated with the restaurant. Apparently he's opening a new place downtown near where he lives in Chinatown. Guess who'll be one of the first diners! Better put on my stalking shoes (Just kidding! Stalking is wrong, wrong, wrong)

Last night I went out with a handsome friend to Angus McIndoe. If you're in town, and you want a good place to go in the theatre district, Angus is the way to go. It's owned by the former maitre d' from Joe Allen's restaurant, Angus McIndoe (hence the name). I also indulged in two Kir Royales, and they only charged me for one, so you can see why I like to hang out there. Plus you never know you'll see. If you're to celebrity watching, there's always someone eating there. I've seen David Hyde Pierce from Frasier and Spamalot, and Harvey Fierstein, who's playing in Fiddler across the street. Nathan Lane and Matthew Broderick are investors in the restaurant.

Of course, this morning, the Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes media blitz is in full swing. They're on the cover of People magazine this week. Along with stories of Rob and Amber from Survivor and Amazing Race, and Mary Kay Letourneau and her new husband, the young man that she molested when he was twelve.

Right now, I feel like I need a shower after reading this week's issue.

Have a great weekend!


MHGibson said...

E, I think you and Tyler would make an adorable couple. Let the stalking commence! = )

Anonymous said...

Apparently I'm secretly evil too }:)