Friday, May 13, 2005

Whose afraid of Friday the 13th?

So, it's Friday the 13th. Nothing to fear right? I mean bad things only happen in the Friday the 13th movies with Jason, not in real life. Wrong!

What am I talking about? Well, let me tell you about my day. It started off normally enough when I reported to Barclay Capital Markets for my new temp job (good) where I had to be fingerprinted 3 times (bad). You'd think after all this time, they could figure out a way to make carbons of fingerprints. After I'd wiped all the crap off my fingers, I then had to go over for my drug test (bad). Why bad? Have you ever taken a drug test? Do you enjoy having to pee in a little tiny cup only half-way? Not to mention it's that time of the month!

I had to run home after the test to change because I felt so disgusting afterwards. I then met one of my vice-presidents, Darla, to check out a new space for our Golden Apple Awards (good) at the Pen and Brush club.

This place was perfect, just the sort of place that you would want to have an awards ceremony for members of the publishing industry. The Pen and Brush Club is an organization for women who are in the arts, poets, painters, writers. The club was founded in 1894, a few years after The Players Club which wasn't open to women.

The room is big and spacious, with plenty of light, a pantry area where we can set up the food, and most important of all, plenty of chairs. The only problem were the fact that we have to apply for a liquor license, and have liability insurance (bad). We have to present our case to the board, and I hope they approve, because I think that we will have a better turn-out in a new space.

To celebrate I went shopping at Ann Taylor Loft where I bought 4 items on sale, and then got an additional 20% off (very good). When I got home, there was a letter from my bank saying the New York Department of Taxation had put a levy on my IRA account, and the bank was charging me an additional $100 fee for the legal processing (very, very bad). I immediately called up the NYDT and complained vociferously, even going to the point of asking to speak to a supervisor. Apparently, my letter requesting a payment plan was not recorded, along with the other 3 letters I wrote requesting a payment plan. The upshot being, I know have a payment plane for the next 8 months to pay off this debt, and they are goinog to fix things with my bank. Now, I just have to write my bank to get them to credit that $100 charge. (Very good if it happens).

Went out to eat (very good), after picking up several movies at the library including the remake of The Stepford Wives with Nicole Kidman (very bad but free). I ran into an actor that I used to see at the Players Club, Chuck Harris, who still looks gorgeous. He's one of the few blonds that I've ever had the hots for. He's no longer acting, moved into documentary film-making, but he inspired an idea for a novella, that I want to write (good).

So, I would say that my Friday the 13th was equal parts bad, and good. Anybody else have a bad Friday the 13th or an average Friday?

In the meantime, Keep the Faith.

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