Monday, May 02, 2005

To sleep, perchance to dream

I love sleeping. It's my favorite thing after eating and sex. Sometimes, I think I like sleeping more than eating, but not more than sex, although sleeping does often follow sex, as does eating. But back to the sleeping. Nothing pleases me more than getting my 8 recommended hours of sleeping. I even love napping. There's nothing like just closing your eyes for a half-hour in the afternoon to refresh you for the evening ahead. Remember when we were kids, and we had nap time during school? How great was that? I think that all jobs should include nap time, around 3 o'clock, just for a half-hour.

Europeans have the right idea, they have siesta for two hours in the middle of the day, where everything shuts down and no one works during those two hours. When I say Europeans, of course, I don't mean the English. They would probably say that the English Empire wasn't created by taking naps.

I can even sleep anywhere. Just give me something to put under my head, and in 5 to 10 minutes, I'm off to dream land. My ex-sweetie pie was always amazed how I could go to sleep on a bus or on a plane so easily. It's just a gift. I once fell asleep in the costume shop at the Renaissance Faire one summer. I just curled up in a ball, with my bag as a pillow, and I was out like a light.

My ex-sweetie pie was a great one for naps. Unfortunately he could sleep for hours, which is not my style. 1/2 hour, 1 hour tops, but he could sleep for 2 or 3 hours, which was a pain when I started to get hungry. Don't get between me and my food.

I love my bedroom. I have a sleigh bed that I bought from my VBF (very best friend) before she moved to LA. I love this bed. It's so comfy, although I've worn a groove into the bed where I sleep. The bed dips ever so slightly on the side where I usually sleep. While I love my bed, I wouldn't mind having the bed I saw on Oprah today. It's from William-Sonoma Home, and the headboard was shaped like a leather armchair. It looked so cool. Maybe a little too masculine for my bedroom, but still cool nonetheless.

I could also go for a brassbed if I'm making a change. Not too feminine that men won't be comfortable sleeping in it. I also dream of one day having sheets that are 400 thread count like Frette sheets which cost like $400 a pop. Feather pillows, a comfy duvet. Isn't duvet such a sexy word? Much sexier than plain old comforter. Duvet. Maybe because it's French.

I could spend all day in my bed and never leave. Eat in my bed, sleep in my bed, read, if I had a laptop, I'd even write in my bed. Apart from that whole having to go to work thing, and going out to meet guys thing, I'd probably never leave the bedroom.

I also love to dream. What do I normally dream about? Finding the right man, going on a dream vacation in Italy, signing my first book contract, book signings, my first child. I also dream scenes from my work in progress. I believe that if I can visualize the scene in my book, than I can write about it.

Do you know that they actually pay people to sleep? Well, actually to see if you're not sleeping. Apparently you can join programs where they monitor your sleep patterns, particularly if you have insomnia, which I have never suffered from.

I have to go, my bed is calling me!

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