Saturday, May 28, 2005

What were they thinking?

Phil Spector in court on Monday, working the white man's afro. Why would you appear in court looking like you'd stuck your finger in a light socket unless you were planning on pleading diminished capacity or the insanity defense?

And now Tyra has booted Janice Dickinson off America's Next Top Model! I'm not suprised. Once Janice decided to do the Surreal Life on VH-1, her days were numbered. Tyra had already made it clear that she thought that Adrienne Curry, the first winner of ANTM, had tarnished the reputation of ANTM by appearing on the show. Adrienne shot back that she never received any of things that she was promised when she won!

There was room for only one diva on ANTM and that is Tyra. Plus, Janice comes from high fashion. As far as I know , she never had a cosmetics contract. The girls that she pushed were always the ones who would do well in courture, and in the high end fash mags like Vogue and Bazaar. But since Cover Girl is now one of the sponsors, and the big prize, the judges are forced to look for the girl who can do both, more Molly Sims, and less Linda Evangelista.

So now they've replaced her with Twiggy Lawson, a supermodel from the 60's. What Tyra couldn't find a top model from the 50's? Lauren Bacall used to be a model in her early days, even appeared in Harpers Bazaar, she wasn't available?

For those who were born after 1975, you cna find information about Twiggy here.

Paris Hilton was quoted as saying that Cannes hadn't seen anything like her appearances since Sophia Loren. Wow, who knew that Paris Hilton knows who Sophia Loren is?

And finally, the dark chocolate M&M's? Thanks alot Mars company for helping me to add 5 pounds! I went to tArget yesterday and bought 4 bags, 2 for me and 2 for a friend, and we can't stop eating them! Way to go!


Anonymous said...

Maybe Phil Spector is going for an insanity plea? I was hoping Kahlan would win the last version of America's Top Model. Twiggy was a sensation when she came on the scene but she also ushered in the stick thin figure with her {:( LOL on the dark chocolate m&m's.

MHGibson said...

I'm with you, Bonnie. I was pulling for Kahlen, too, although it was apparent they were going to go with Naima because she was the fan fave from the get to. I don't know about adding Twiggy...I mean, do people even remember Twiggy? Last I saw her was on an episode of Absolutely Fabulous and she's had a LOT of work done on her. I think Tyra didn't like getting upstaged by Janice. I'm gonna miss her...

Maybe Phil Spector can be a guest star on the new season of Blow Out? *eg*

Marley = )