Sunday, July 24, 2005

Hot Gossip

Okay, Nicole Ritchie has a book deal? For a novel? Who's next? Omarosa? Johnny Fairplay?

Now, I know that Nicole probably didn't write this book by her lonesome, anymore than Pam Anderson or Fabio, but still it irks me that she has a book deal while so many deserving writers (like me) are still struggling, not only to find an agent, but also to get published.

Of course, Naomi Campbell once wrote a book as well. Didn't know that? That's because the book sank without a trace.

I didn't make it to the beach yesterday, unfortunately. I had to take our basket to UPS to send it to National, and it cost a fortune. I oculdn't have flown the baset as carry-on for what it cost the chapter to send it. If you're reading my blog, and you're going to National, please put it a ticket for the RWA-NYC basket. Thank you kindly.

I did however hit the bookstore to gaze at all the books I can't afford, and don't have time to read right now. AS I was glancing over the new non-fiction offerings, what do I see? Yes, another book on Princess Diana.

I was 16 and spending the summer in London when she married Prince Charles, I was in London in college when she gave birth to Prince Harry, I skipped classes to watch them arrive at the state opening of Parliament. I was in London the last summer she was alive, when teh papers were full of her relationship with Dodi Fayed. Can't this woman rest in peace?

Poor Mohammed Al-Fayed is still trying to find out who killed them. Mr. Al-Fayed, if they can't find out who killed Tupac and Biggie, not to mention JFK, do you really think that they're going to find out if Dodi and Diana were killed?

Since her death, everyone and his mother has written a book. Her first employers, her astrologer, her press secretary, the bodyguard in the car, another bodyguard, her butler (the biggest betrayal of all), Andrew Morton who started it all (frankly no one wants to read anything he's written unless it's about Diana. Sorry Monica Lewinsky).

Now her pyshic healer has written a book. When is it going to stop? This book supposedly claims that Diana had an affair with JFK jr. Isn't it convenient that both of them aren't here to deny it?

I feel most sorry for her two sons who have to see their mother raked over the coals by people just trying to make a buck. They deserve better than this.

Off to Goodwill to donate some old clothes, and to Home Depot to find stuff to repair my tub.

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kacey said...

I was out blogging hopping for author blogs and came across yours. I love your template!

I'll have to check out the now very expensive NYC basket in Reno.