Friday, July 15, 2005

Wedding Crashers

I am in love with Vince Vaughn. He's tall, handsome, but not too handsome, can dance, keep you laughing until you almost wet your pants, but he also has a slight edge to him. Of course, he's an Aries, and I'm fatally attracted to Aries men.

Oh yeah, how was the movie? It was fantabulous. It was so good that I would have actually paid to go see it, instead of seeing the advance screening that I saw last night.

Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn play two divorce mediators who live like middle-aged fraternity brothers. Once June rolls around, they become the wedding crashers, spending their weekends trolling weddings to get laid. Everything is going swimmingly in their world, until they crash the wedding of Senator Cleary's daughter, and all hell breaks loose.

Part of the fun of this movie, is watching these two guys fall in love in spite of themselves. They've convinced themselves that they are happy, until they discover that life can be just as much fun when you have a partner that you love.

Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson are so charming, and likeable, that you kind of forgive the fact that they behave like overgrown adolescents. The movie cleverly gives you an insight to their strategy, although of course, it's a little light on the character development. We never quite learn why these guys would rather spend their time crashing weddings.

The revelation in this movie was Bradley Cooper, who played nice guy Will on Alias. In Wedding Crashers, he plays the fiance of Rachel McAdams, Owen Wilson's love interest. Zach is a complete and total asshole. The type of guy who believe that women are second class citizens, while pretending to treat them like equals.

The only thing about this movie that was unrealistic was the fact that the movie takes place in DC, and not once did the two characters end up at a black wedding. Jewish, Chinese, Indian, yes, black no. In DC? What's up with that? You just know that Vince Vaughn in real life has probably been down with a few sistas.

If you thought Old School or American Pie (the first one) was hysterical, you'll like The Wedding Crashers.

FYI: 16 hours till Harry Potter!


Bearette24 said...

I'm seeing it tonight!

Kelly Parra said...

Cool, sounds great! Yeah, there's something about Vince Vaughn. Did you ever see the episode of him in Sex in the City? He does the cool guy very well--until he got caught in a lie. =D

Anonymous said...

I'm already doing a happy book dance in anticipation of getting my copy of HP this weekend, Elizabeth }:)

Em said...

Vince Vaughan is hot. I bet he'd be a nightmare to have as a boyfriend but fantatsic for a fling!

MaryF said...

Kelly, I don't remember him in Sex and the City! I, too, think he's quite adorable. I saw him in a movie once where he was a single dad, but I don't remember the title.

MaryF said...

Ooh, that movie with Vince Vaughn where he's a single dad is A Cool Dry Place and it's on WE today!

mhgibson said...

He'll always be Trey "Double Down" from SWINGERS to me.

I actually have a buddy who just spent 4 days as an extra on the set of the new Vince Vaughn/Jennifer Aniston movie. That should be interesting!