Sunday, July 03, 2005

Semi-Year Update

I wrote a semi-year update for my chapter in the July issue of our newsletter, so I thought I would do one for myself. At the beginning of the year when I started this blog, I stated a few goals. One was to hopefully get an agent this year. So far, I've sent out six partials to six different agents, and I have another ten agents on my list to submit to. I've also written one novel, and I've started another, working towards my goal of writing 3 manuscripts this year. I've also started a major rewrite on the book that just won't die.

The only thing I haven't accomplished is having a personal life. Just the other day, when I went to pick up the mail, I received a subscription offer to MORE magazine, the magazine thats for women in their forties and up. For a moment, I thought there had been a mistake, I read Marei Claire, Glamour, Jane, Vogue, why was I gettting MORE magazine offers? It took me a second to realize why I was getting this offer. Yep, I'm 40.

I don't look it, and I don't feel it, but that's the truth. It's been 3 years since ex-sweetie pie and I broke up and I have yet to meet anyone that I feel remotely compatible with let alone would want to have a second date with. If I'm hoping to get married or be in a serious relationship, not to mention having a child, I need to get cracking. No more fantasizing about Gerard Butler sweeping me off my feet, or flipping through the pages of People's 50 top bachelor's issue. I need fo find a living breathing male.

Yesterday, I was helping a friend with some things at her apartment because she only has one arm that is uninjured (she broke her collar bone recently). I was sitting on the couch when her cat decided to make love to my hair. I'm serious. He put his little paws on my shoulders and was rubbing his face furiously against my hair, not to mention nibbling on it. It occurred to me that this was the most action I'd gotten in months that wasn't battery power operated. Clearly, I need to apply the same techniques toward the man hunt that I have towards my writing.

Yikes! So to that end, I've asked my gorgeous friend NN to be my dating coach and guide, as I attempt to do something about the pititful state of my love life.

To be continued....


pam said...


I can soooo relate to this. I'll be 40 in November, and it seems unreal, could it possibly be me? :) Like you, I've put all my attention and focus on career, writing, everything but a relationship. I keep saying, "I'll focus on that when I lose ten pounds." Well, I've been trying to lose those ten pounds for over five years!


Karyn Lyndon said...

My daughter has met some really nice, eligible, handsome and successful men online. She hasn't met Mr. Right yet but she's having a lot of fun. Have you already tried this? She uses and yahoo.

Elizabeth Kerri Mahon said...


I haven't tried Yahoo. I've tried Match, and I'm threatening to try JDate. Glad to hear that it's working.