Tuesday, August 02, 2005

And she's off!

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Yes, I've started writing my new novel, which needs a better title than Matzo Brei and Chitlins (It sounds like a cookbook). So far, I have a grand total of 7 pages! Hurray me. Only, 368 pages to go. Yikes! I'm hoping that this word count meter which will be a visual reminder to me and you all of my progress.

My tentative goal is to have the book finished by September 22nd which is when our Golden Apple Awards reception is here in New York. RWA NYC every year hosts a reception in September for the publishing industry. It's great for those of our members who can't afford to attend Nationals or even the NJ conference, to be able to meet and schmooze with editors and agents. We also give out awards for Best Author, Editor, Agent, Publisher of the Year, Bookseller and this year for the first time, we're giving out an award for Best Librarian. We also give out a Lifetime Achievement Award. I was reception chair for 3 of the 4 years that I was on the board before I became President, and it's a lot of work.

My first year, the day of the reception was September 11th.

Been blog surfing again. Love seeing all the pictures from National and hearing all the news. Congratulations to Lani Diane Rich for winning the RITA for best first novel. You rock Lani. We're drinking in New Jersey. Also, to Evelyn Vaughn who won the RITA for best novel with romantic elements for her Silhouette Bombshell. Also, congratulations to the rest of the RITA and GH winners. You can find all the RITA and GH winners here.

Also, I read that Blaze author, Jo Leigh got married while she was in Reno. Congratulations!

More confusing info from Kate Duffy. Kate Duffy doesn't mind if you send her a partial of a novel that you haven't finished because then she can tell you if it's worth continuining and save you time. Now maybe this is just me, but if I sent Kate Duffy a partial and she rejects it, I'm not going to abandon the book, because hey, someone else may like it and buy it. Considering that I once submitted a partial to Kate, after meeting her at the LIRW luncheon, and I got a form rejection letter, excuse me if I take her words with a small grain of salt!


Gabrielle said...

Ha. Maybe KD doesn't know that a lot of people write first drafts to work out what the novel's about then go back and bring out the elements as needed, so a partial would be no idea of the finished product.

And if someone's writing really sucked, well, hey, but telling them to stop writing means they're not going to know how to finish a book.

Good luck with the new book!

Megan Frampton said...


You're an inspiration. How many books have you written this year?!? I'm still hoping to finish this freaking book by the end of August. Blech.

Elizabeth Kerri Mahon said...

Megan, I just saw the picture of you in your gorgeous vintage gown at the RITA's along with Ms. Kwana and Marley.

I'm working on my second book this year. Hoping to write a third. Keep your fingers crossed that I can keep up the pace!