Wednesday, August 03, 2005

When you think life can't get any stranger

I was planning on blogging today about the obsequious little troll with the Napoleon complex that works for the head of the group I work for, and his obnoxious 'my poop doesn't stink because I work for the big boss' attitude, or the brouhaha over the RITA ceremony at Nationals this past weekend, but then I wandered over to the Literary chicks blog and saw the news that Marianne Mancusi, author of A Connecticut Fashionista in King Arthurs Court, and the blog Cosmos and Chat, came home from the conference to find that her house had burned to the ground due to a freak accident (it was hit by lightning).

Everything is gone. Fortunately no one was hurt, her dog was over at her mother's house. When you read something like that, it makes my petty problems with the garden gnome seem inconsequential and small.

Alesia Holliday, one of the Literary Chicks, is spearheading a drive for writers and friends to donate books to rebuild Marianne's library. She'll be posting an address where people can send books in the next few days.

That's all for today. I'll be back tomorrow with hopefully something a little more cheery!

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