Thursday, August 04, 2005

When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Lemonade!

Well, another day without a rejection letter from any of the agents that still have my partial, which is a kind of victory, since my life went into the crapper yesterday. But I think things might be picking up because my horoscope for the next week in Time Out Magazine was particularly good. Check it out

'The new moon on 8/4 will attract new people and work situations which will continue for months to come. And with your career guru investigating more lucrative situations, the most insignificant decisions or meetings will impact the future of certain ventures. If you avoid the dramatic aspects on Mon. 8/8, give yourself 48 hours of time off for good behavior.'
How cool is that?

Aren't they fabulous shoes? Jimmy Choo's to be exact. I've mentioned my shoe addiction before, but I just figured out that if I stop buy coffee every day from the evil empire aka Starbucks, and cut out buying tabloid magazines (but what would I have to blog about?), and basically cut out fun, I could probably buy these shoes for 1/2 price at the Needless Mark-up outlet. Be still my heart!

I'm between books right now. Does anyone have any recommendations?


Kelly Parra said...

I'm going through the bushel of conference books right now. I am on book 2, but I have yet to be grabbed by either. I'm crossing my fingers it will happen though, and I get to share! =D

Nancy said...

I am reading "The Difference Between Women and Men" by Brett Lott and it grabbed me immediately.

Also, "Naked" by David Sedaris is hilarious, and anything by Anne Lamott is great.


Gabrielle said...

Carpe Demon by Julie Kenner, The Secret Lives of the Sushi Club by Christy Yorke, Tart by Jody Gehrman.

Tori said...

I'll second Carpe Demon and add Enchanted Inc. by Shanna Swendson and The Givenchy Code, also by Julie Kenner.

Marley Gibson said...

The shoes are GORGEOUS!

I'm reading Gena Showalter's AWAKEN ME DARKLY and I canNOT put it down!