Friday, August 12, 2005

The Color of Love

Hey everybody!

Another short post since I have only 27 minutes left on the clock on my computer here at the library.

I just wanted to share a book with you that you may not have heard of, and not just because Sandi spoke to our chapter last Saturday. It's called The Color of Love, by Sandra Kitt. This book was first published over ten years ago, and it's in it's 9th printing! The story of Leah Horn and Jason Downey, two people who meet quite by accident but whose lives are affected forever by their meeting.

Sandra Kitt was the first African-American author to have a African-American romance published by Harlequin American way back when the line first started in the 1980's. Her book Adam and Eva will be reprinted by Harlequin for the third time next year. She's also written books for BET, St. Martin's Press, and Signet/NAL.

The Color of Love, one of the first interracial romances ever published was optioned by both HBO and Lifetime. Why it hasn't been made into a movie is beyond me (personally I see Sanaa Lathan and Christopher Meloni in the roles).

If you've never read a multicultural romance or novel beyond Terry McMillan, pick up a copy of The Color of Love. You'll be glad that you did.

Thanks for reading!

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