Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Happy April

Starting this month, I'm going to endeavor to blog only about happy positive things. No more Ms. Negativity and Snarkiness. Just flowers, and patchouli, and endless playing of Madonna's single 'Ray of Light.'

Speaking of Madge, wasn't it nice of her to allow her new single with Justin Timberlake to be used for the new Sunsilk hair commercial. That Madge! I'm sure she's donating the licensing fee to some worthy charity in Malawi.

And how sweet of Holly, one of the contestants on The Bachelor, to let Lorenzo Lamas's daughter Shayne use her tanning machine that she brought with her to get ready for her date with Matt. What a gal! Most girls would have tried to sabotage the machine but not Holly, she even helped Shayne with the machine in the bathtub. And how sweet of Matt to keep the lone black contestant, Marshana on the show for another week. She's lasted longer than most women of color on this show.

And boo to the mean judges on Dancing with the Stars for not showing Marissa Jaret Winokur some love. She's trying so hard and she has no uterus! Having survived cervical cancer, she's just wanting to have some fun. If the Gute can get some love just for showing up, than show some for Marissa. I think part of the problem is that apart from Christian de la Fuente, she's the least known celebrity on the show. How many people know that apart from being in Hairspray on Broadway, she's survived not only cervical cancer but being on a sitcom with Pamela Anderson?

And thanks to the ladies over at Risky Regencies! I won an autographed copy of Amanda McCabe's new release A Sinful Alliance which hopefully will arrive before I leave for NEC next week.

Hope everyone is enjoying a great first day of April!



Kwana said...

Hey Elizbeth. Head on over to my blog and comment on the bachelor. The tanning was so funny. And I don't know about madge. I heard she now say's NYC is out. What's with that?
I'm with you on Marissa. I like her and congrats on winnng the book. Yay!

Amanda McCabe said...

Hey, you have to send me your snail mail address and I will mail the book out asap! :)

Totally agree about Marissa. She tries soooo hard, and is so cute and enthusiastic, and they are so hard on her. They were far too nice to "the Gute" and to what's his name, Julianne's dreadful partner, last night. Hmmmm--is it just me or are they often kinder to the men than the women?

Georgie Lee said...

I love the "Ray of Light" CD, it's a great driving CD. I think it was the last thing Madonna did that was really good, or at least really good by Madonna standards which aren't normally that high. However, fluff can be fun :-)

Elizabeth Kerri Mahon said...

Hi Ammanda, I agree with you about them being harder on the women than the men, and I'm not going to say its because both Carrie Ann and Bruno spend most of their time talking about how hot Jason Taylor and Christian de la Fuente are!

Kwana, what are the odds that Holly just happened to have a tanning machine? What do you want to bet the producers gave her that thing? Madge says NYC is out? Is she smoking haddock?

Georgie, I liked her last CD but the one after Music sucked. Glad to know that she and Guy have great sex though!