Tuesday, July 22, 2008

How to Get Internet Famous

For the past 2 years, for some reason, Wired magazine has been sending me issues, despite the fact that I keep sending them because I have absolutely no interest. I'm no techie, I don't have a laptop, and I only bought a cellphone 2 years ago.

However, they finally had an article that I found interesting. The current issue features an article on Julia Allison. If you don't know who she is, well you will after reading this article.

It's all about how Allison has used the Internet to become a cult figure, to the point that she now has a deal with Bravo to do a reality TV series. How did she do it. Well, among other things she started doing a dating column in one of the free newspapers and then began bombarding Gawker, trying to get them to link to her stuff. Finally they did a scathing profile of her, which led to other high profile gigs including at the moment writing a dating column for Time Out magazine here in New York and working as an editor at large for Star Magazine. Oh, and blogging. She currently has a blog and a web-site and she sends out updates on Twitter about her day. She also staged a publicity stunt in Times Square, where she and her friends dressed up like extras from a Jane Fonda work-out video.

This got me thinking of ways that I could promote Scandalous Women. So far, I've come up with doing a video of me at Green-Wood cemetary at Lola Montez's grave, nothing like promoting yourself using the grave of the dead. Or better yet trying to recreate her famous Spider Dance. Certainly beats a book trailer!

Seriously though, it seems like everyone and their mother is gunning for their 15 minutes of fame. Where will it all end? Is it possible sell books and not be a media celebrity?

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