Friday, July 11, 2008

Thank God Its Freakin Friday!

It's Friday and I'm completely hung over. This is what I get for drinking and not eating any dinner. I went to The Philoctetes Center last night for a roundtable with a new group called Re:Mind. It was pretty much a re-tread of a round-table that I had gone to earlier in June or late May but with a younger slant.

Some of the panelists included two directors Dana O'Keefe, and Sasha Gordon, an author Nathaniel Rich, and Daniel Casarella, who is the owner and designer of the Barking Irons brand. I was being social and talking to Dana O'Keefe about his new film that he's working on about Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton, and I wanted to talk to Daniel about New York history which I adore, being a native New Yorker and all. I was so busy yakking that I didn't eat anything except for a piece of broccoli and a slice of pineapple.

Of course, I spilled red wine on my brand new Ann Taylor Loft sweater which pissed me off because a) because I normally don't drink red wine and b) I should have been more careful. I ended up sort of storming out.

And I'm way behind on my novel. Partly because I underestimated the amount of research involved. I realized that while I know a lot of general history, my knowledge of the ordinary every day lives of people is limited. So lots of research has been going on and not as much writing. I'm trying to correct that though. Doing the reading I need to do at night and working on the novel during the day as much as possible. I found some more books on Google that I need to read. Still I need to go back to Philadelphia to do some research. I spent last Saturday there visiting the African-American museum, which I have to say was a disappointment. I had expected it to focus on the lives of African-Americans in Philadelphia specifically and Pennsylvania in general, but the only exhibit was on Afro-Mexicans which was interesting but not what I was there for. And the gift shop was truly disappointing. Did learn a lot about the Queen of Sheba however.

Tonight, however, I'm meeting friends for drinks (I'll make sure to eat first) and then tomorrow it is off to Coney Island with my local RWA chapter. Eating greasy seafood from Nathan's, and riding the Cyclone.

I'm posting this lovely picture of RA to inspire both me and everyone.

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