Friday, July 04, 2008

Scientology Loses Another One

This guy on the left make look familiar to you. His name is Jason Beghe and he's a working actor who has been in movies such as G.I. Jane, and several TV series. He also was a Scientologist until recently when he woke up and stopped drinking the Kool-Aid.

You can read the recent article in the Village Voice here about why he decided to leave and what he reveals about the 'religion.' My favorite part though was when he revealed that newcomers to the religion are told that they will eventually develop superpowers as they move up in the system. Wow, that certainly explains all those times that Tom Cruise was off rescuing people. What cracked me up though was not just that Jason Beghe bought into that, (he seems like a fairly intelligent guy) but that it took a car accident for him to wake up. Because apparently stuff like that is not supposed to happen to Scientologists what with their superpowers and all.

The other interesting bit is his fight to get the tapes and material from his sessions that the Church is holding on to. Apparently now that he is 'out' they treat him like he doesn't exist and they won't respond to his attempts to get this stuff from them. It makes me wonder if they use the information contained in the files to blackmail church members into staying in the church, by threatening to reveal whatever indiscretions they confess to in order to move up the heirarchy to OT levels.

Seriously after reading this article, I don't know anyone came away from it without believing that the entire church is a scam to make money off poor unsuspecting people who think they are getting help for their problems. And they consider pyschiatrists evil? It's nothing compared to the stuff that Scientologists do.



Fredric said...

Scientology is organized crime, and it's an amazing stupidity that keeps people falling for it despite the era of the Internet.

Elizabeth Kerri Mahon said...

Thanks for your comment. They truly scare me.