Tuesday, July 08, 2008

I Totally Didn't See That Coming!

Okay, up until last night, I totally thought that she was going to choose Jason. You know the nice, safe, dependable guy who has an adventurous side? The one with the adorable child? And the steady job? Who knew that DeAnna would follow her heart and go with the guy who wore pink shoe laces, lives in "Breck" and kind of wants to be a sports agent or something when he grows up?

But yet....they seem incredibly happy. And funnily enough, I'm happy for them. DeAnna went outside her comfort zone in what she thought she wanted and followed her heart which led her to Jesse, the dude who wanted to be friends first, but who the entire time told her things like "I'm totally into you." He even conceded during the "After the Final Rose" special that it was kind of a strategy that he waited until his hometown date to kiss her. By that time, girlfriend was dying for it.

Jesse is the kind of guy who kind of sneaks up on you. He's the guy that most women would dismiss as a future spouse because he seems like the comic reading, child-man, that most women at a certain point overlook because they are looking, like DeAnna, for the guy who looks good on paper. The Jeremy's and the Jason's of the world. Poor Jason though. The poor guy just looked devastated, even 3 months later. Although, his ex-wife must have pissed off to hear him say that he had never felt this way before, not even for her! Hmm, maybe that's why she left him for another man?

I think Jason would make a much better Bachelor than Jeremy but I doubt that he would want to put himself or his son through this again. Unless of course, they film the show in his hometown. That would be great, send 25 women to rainy Seattle and see how they cope! The hair issue alone would freak out some women. But seriously since he's a single dad, let the women come into his environment. Although subject poor Ty to 25 women cooing over him might be sensory overload and wharp the poor child for life.

I have a good feeling about DeAnna and Jesse. The fact that they have actually set a wedding date says that they are serious, plus they now have a trip to Greece for their honeymoon!

Question: Do we think Brad gets a residual for everytime they say his name on air? I must have counted at leasat 25 mentions of Brad Womack last night. Can we put the guy to rest now?

Question: Do we think that Jeremy was waiting around in the Bahamas for DeAnna to come back? I mean, why couldn't she have had this conversation with him that night after the Rose ceremony, when she let him go? And seriously after that conversation, why did he need more closure at the Men Tell All special? His conference call after the show was pretty interesting. You can read here.

Didn't you love how DeAnna's father practically ordered both men to bring her home to visit often if they move away? What do you want to be that Jesse's sport agenting will be in Atlanta? Or he gets a job with the Braves or the Falcons? I hope he likes his new short hair because he'll be wearing it that way for the rest of his life.

In the long run, Jesse comes to DeAnna unencumbered with baggage. No ex-wife, no child. He's never been married, so he'll let DeAnna have the big wedding of her dreams. He can move closer to her family because there is no custody arrangement to worry about. Plus he puts her first whereas Jason will always have to put Ty's needs first. Jeremy was right about that one.

So let's break some plates for Jesse and DeAnna!
PS - Both Matt and Jesse gave their significant others cute nicknames during the show which should have been a clue.


Kwana said...

I'm in shock over the whole thing today. It seems like a Miss match but I'm glad she didn't go for the ready made family.

Elizabeth Kerri Mahon said...

I was in shock too but I pretty much saw which way the wind was blowing when the editing was trying to make it look like Jason was the one she chose. Plus Jeremy's comments about how he believed that she chose Jesse from her comments at the After the Rose Special.