Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Bloggin the Bachelorette

I knew it! DeAnna kicked Jeremy to the curb. And she said exactly what I was thinking, that just because they shared the experience of having a dead parent, that wasn't enough of a foundation to build a relationship on. I really wonder how many long term relationships Jeremy has had in his life, particularly if this is the first time that he's really let himself love someone. I would suggest that Jeremy see a therapist to deal with all the residual feelings that he has about his parents deaths. I don't think I have ever seen a guy so devastated at being let go. For a moment, when he stopped the limo, I thought he was going to go back and beg DeAnna to change her mind.

Just watching her on the fantasy dates, you could see who she had the most chemistry with. With Jason, they already seem like a couple, they have a similar outlook on life, he has a steady job, and he's dependable. Jesse is the wildcard, the guy that she never in her life has been attracted to. He's a daredevil, he has no plans really for his life after snowboarding. He gave her that whole big speech about as long as he's happy, everything will work out. Umm, and how exactly do you pay the rent with that? I did like that they talked about where they would live, since he seems to move around a lot according to the seasons. Interesting how last week, he wasn't ready to get married in 2 weeks and now he is, and DeAnna has changed her time table on the kid thing.

Then we moved on to the Men Tell All special. Can I just say that this was probably the first time in a long time that stuff actually happened on this episode? Mainly because of Ryan, the contentious Christian virgin. Seriously where did that chip on his shoulder come from? I wanted to ask him, "Do you talk to Jesus with that mouth?" Calling DeAnna, Obsessive-Compulsive DeAnna? Really dude, get over the fact that she didn't choose you. With your judgemental attitude (so Christian), you two would never have suited.

Can they find a way to use Chris Harrison more effectively? Because the dude is funny! Loved him asking DeAnna if perhaps she had been too hard on the guys because after all they are guys! And telling Graham that he should have just shut up and kissed DeAnna when she asked and made a statement later. And the outtakes when he was talking to her about Sean and his mullet.

Poor Jeremy though, I don't think I've ever seen a guy so disliked as he was. Seriously if even Twilley is calling you a d'bag you might want to work on your social skills. And when DeAnna told him that she had fallen in love with Jason and Jesse and not him? That he was so good on paper but she just couldn't fallen in love. Ouch! Honesty might not always be the best policy. And Graham? Ooh boy, the way he and DeAnna went another round. Loved Chris Harrison's comments about the whole love/hate dynamic between the two of them. Graham's flippant and defensive and DeAnna gets pissed off.

The reason why I like to watch this show is because it totally showcases the different ways that men and women communicate. Graham said that his actions spoke louder than his words, but clearly they didn't otherwise he would still have been around. He went on about how bringing her to meet his family was a big step and she countered by saying it was part of the show, and he couldn't actually refuse it, and then he brings up he could refuse a rose.

It just makes me wonder how well we communicate when we are attracted to someone. I thought my actions towards cutie-pie author and Superman indicated how I felt, but maybe if I had spoken up and actually said the words out loud instead of just relying on my body language and short skirts, I might have a boyfriend right now and not still be single.

Stay cool!



Kwana said...

I'm still shocked over Jeremy though. I'm just saying. As for Ryan now we know why he's single and will be that way for a long time. The guy has issues. It was a great tell all show.

Elizabeth Kerri Mahon said...

I know Kwana that you liked Jeremy. Just remember that you are a happily married woman. Don't go running off to Dallas to console the boy.