Thursday, July 17, 2008

Sing Hallelujah, Come on Get Happy!

I'm having one of those days today. You know, the "everything irritates me, and I'm about 5 minutes away from screaming" days.

First of all, Bravo screwed with me last night by putting on Project Runway at 9:00 pm instead of at 10:00 pm, because they were showing Shear Genius instead. Thank god they repeated it at 11 and I could DVR but I haven't watched it yet and I'm trying to avoid reading about who got the first "Auf" from Heidi.

Then today, we are moving from one part of our floor to the other, and there is much bitching, moaning and complaining, and that's just from me. I hate moving, which is why I have lived in the same apartment for the past twenty years (for the most part, there were 6 years when most of my stuff was at ex-sweetie pies. Lots of moaning when he moved to LA and we had to move all my stuff back to my place. Seriously, I had furniture that needed to be moved.)

So since I'm having an off day, I decided to put up this picture of Clive, because looking at Clive can make any day better. Plus, I have the 5th series of MI-5 reserved at the library and that makes me happy as well. And the glass of wine I'm planning on having later this evening after work, that makes me happy. And Mad Men getting Emmy nominations. The tuna empanada I just ate for lunch made me happy as well.


Liz Maverick said...

Thank you for the Clive Goodness. Thank you. Thank you...

Elizabeth Kerri Mahon said...

You are welcome. Somedays we all need a little Clive!