Friday, March 11, 2005

Almost the weekend

Well, it's Friday and I'm half a page from making my quota for the day of 10 pages. Hold on while I take a bow.

The weekend is almost here. I have 40 more minutes before I'm out of here. I'm feeling better so I'm going to risk meeting my friend to run errands.

I have Pilates tomorrow, and then a fun weekend of watching two potentially bad movies, Haunted Mansion with Eddie Murphy and High Spirits, with a very young Liam Neeson. Why am I watching two movies I've already admitted are going to be pretty wretched? Well, I need some ideas for the ole WIP (Work in Progress).

My ghost idea is very sketchy and I need to make it funnier. Right now, the humor is not coming from the ghost story, that's pretty serious. If she's going to be haunted by a ghost, the ghost had better do something. Right now, she's a spector who can't speak.

I've thought of having her possess my heroine, so that she can make love to the hero, which could be funny, but the book is written in the first person, so I'm not sure how that can work.

I've got a funny spiritual medium, and a funny housekeeper, a smarmy villain to add some tension to the love story. My tarot card reader said that it would be hysterical if she drank rum, and talked in french or something like that.

I have great ideas, but do I have the technical skills as a writer to pull them off. Ah, there's the rub. I don't know if I do. That's what writing is all about discovering your strengths and weaknesses, and what you have to work on.

I still haven't rented the movie Maxie with Glenn Close yet to add to my list of research. I love the idea that I can write off movies as necessary for my career.

Ah well, it's only the first draft. I can make as many mistakes as I want, because they will all fixed in draft two (I hope.)

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