Friday, March 25, 2005

The Celebrity Boyfriend List

Over at Cosmo and Chat, Marianne Mancusi posted her version of the Celebrity Boyfriend List. Since I'm feeling a little lazy today, I thought I would post my version of the list.

It was really hard to narrow it down to just ten guys. There were some guys I had to eliminate: Russell Crowe (used to be a favorite, now I just think he's an asshole), Rupert Everett (I've loved Rupert since Another Country, but I can't forgive him for starring with Madonna in that awful movie, The Next Best Thing) Colin Firth, another love from Another Country days, Sean Bean (Sharpe), and Ioan Gruffud (Hornblower). Not to mention Julian McMahon, so delicious as Cole on Charmed.

Many of these guys are British, what can I say I'm an Anglophile. I have a weakness for British men, particularly Scotsmen. Something about a man in a kilt, that's just indescribable.

The list could go on, and on, but I finally narrowed it to these ten men that I would be proud to be there girlfriend, or wife, or love slave. I'm willing to negotiate. I tried not to let the fact that some of these men are actually married get in the way, after all it's a fantasy list, so in my fantasy, they're not married and free to play with me.

My celebrity boyfriend list:

1. James Purefoy - He was in Vanity Fair with Reese Witherspoon. Just yummy. Sexy, sensitive, but you can tell there's a bad boy lurking within.

2. Clive Owen - King Arthur, just yummy. Another Brit. Rough around the edges. Another bad boy.

3. Matthew McConaughey - good ole boy Texan. (I was torn between Dennis Quaid and Matthew, but I had to give it up for the younger guy, although Dennis is still looking good).

4. Ingo Rademacher - an Australian love god, plays Jax on General Hospital, international playboy.

5. Lance Armstrong - yes, I know he's dating Sheryl Crow, but I admire any man who can beat cancer and win 6 Tour de France championships, and pissing off the French while doing it.

6. Elvis Stojko - Canadian skating god. Two-time Olympic Silver Medalist, 4 Time World Champion.

7. Hugh Grant - Need I say more? From the first time I saw him in the Merchant and Ivory film, Maurice, I've had a little thing for Hugh. Even after the whole Divine Brown thing (who knew he had jungle fever?), I still kept the faith. After all, he did have the good sense to have a girlfriend named Elizabeth, she of the Versace dress and furry eyebrows. Reinvented himself as the bad boy, Daniel in the Bridget Jones movies. Gave his best performance in About a Boy.

8. Anderson Cooper - son of Gloria Vanderbilt, jeans queen. CNN Anchor. Got that grey hair, blue eyes thing going.

9. Jon Stewart - love him, love him. Smart, funny, and Jewish. My weakness.

10. Gerard Butler - Phantom of the Opera, Scottish. Beautiful blue eyes. Made me forget Michael Crawford in the orginal production on Broadway, which I saw 3 times. Still hasn't broken out in a big way yet.

Who would be on your celebrity boyfriend list?

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