Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Reality Round-up

Okay, I may have jumped the gun a little when I announced that Spring had finally come to NYC. Today, as I write, it's raining and pretty damn cold here in the Big Apple. I thought that if the groundhog saw his shadow, we were only supposed to have six more weeks of winter? Well, we're going on week seven here, and I'd like to see a little sun for a change.

Picked up my laundry last night after work. I love the smell of clean clothes, particularly since somehow else had the privilege of doing my laundry instead of me. Everything was all nice and neatly folded, including my socks. All I had to do was open the bag and put the clothes away. Thank god the days of beating your clothes against a rock are long gone, at least in this country.

After my lovely meal of a crabcake and sweet potatoes, I settled in for an evening of Reality TV, starting with American Idol. Tonight's episode was Billboard's Top #1 songs. Can I just say that this crop of American Idol wannabe's have absolutely no taste? 1,000 songs to choose from and we get The Partridge Family, Taylor Dayne, Chaka Khan, George Michael, and Phil Collins songs.

My Nadia almost blew it with a really horrible rendition of Cyndy Lauper's Time after Time, and the mohawk she was sporting was positively frightening. Anwar Robinson has proven that he's totally limited, and is one of the few African Americans with no rhythm whatsoever. It was totally embarrassing to see this dude try to dance last night. I haven't seen anyone that off-beat since I watched an Abba video.

Who blew me away? Carrie Underwood singing Heart's Alone. Who knew country girl could sing an Annie Wilson song and rip it up? Not to mention the big hair curly 80's hair. Pretty much everyone else sucked. I can't get excited about Scott Savol who looks like an axe-murderer, Antony Federov who is a bad combination of John Stevens and Clay Aitken or Mikalah Gordon who is Fran Drescher at 17 if she were Italian. Bo Bice, the rocker, unfortunately confused a ballad with having absolutely no energy whatsoever.

Hey guess what? After all that, the numbers that were flashed during the show were wrong, and they have to do it all over again tonight! Please god, these singers take the criticism seriously and kick-up a notch, or I'm just going to pull out my Kelly Clarkson CD's and listen instead.

I had planned on continuing my Reality TV evening with Project Greenlight but my cable was funky. I don't know what other people pay around the country but in New York, Time Warner Cable, we're talking $50 or more a month, and that's just Basic and Standard Cable. No Direct-TV, no HBO, Showtime, or Cinemax. Can you believe that crap? If I could get RCN or live without TV, I would save so much money but unfortunately I'm addicted to VH-1, and the Food Network, plus Project Runway is coming back this summer. Will Heidi Klum get the designers to work up a maternity wardrobe for her?

Oh, and great news, James Marsters is back on our TV screens with dark hair no less in a TV movie. For those who dont' watch Buffy, James Marsters played Spike on Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel. He was the sexiest Vampire ever to hit TV. There are people who preferred Angel with Buffy but I loved Spike. Who doesn't love the Bad Boy who is changed by love?

The news is that Spike maybe hitting the small screen in a series of TV movies. Perhaps with his sidekick Druscilla. Now that is must-see TV!

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