Thursday, March 24, 2005

Buh bye, Brandy, Buh bye!

Well, it finally had to happen. Brandy is no more on America's Next Top Model. I say good riddance. From the very first episode, she proved that she didn't belong there. She was rude, sullen, she had a lousy attitude, she was lazy. It seemed as if the world owed her a favor. Just watching her made my skin crawl. The girl was far from even being articulate. There was no way in the world, bar a miracle, that she deserved to be America's Next Top Model.

What was even worse, was that she was dragging Tiffany down with her! I'm not the biggest fan of Tiffany either, but at least she knows that this is her chance to be more than just a single mom. She's worked on herself, her anger problem, and seemed to be making progress. Until last night, when she got drunk, and then later on when she reamed out the other girls for getting on Brandy's case.

None of these girls are really rockin' my world to tell you the truth. Last season, there were so many outstanding girls, Toccara, Ya-Ya, Anne, Norelle, Amanda and my girl, Eva the Diva. This year, we have one girl who looks like Janice, a female wrestler with a skin disease, Ms. Goody Two-Shoes, Rebecca, Lluvy, nicknamed SUV by my friend Marley, and Tiffany who looks like Olive Oyl.

None of them seem to really want to be America's Next Top Model. Where is the hunger? The ambition? Only Brittany, who had been criticized for looking like a porn star, has seemed to really improve. She's working hard to project a softer image. The rest of them, go figure!

After Beverly Johnson lectured them about how hard some photographers can be to work with, and how you just have to suck it up, and deal with it, the producers threw the girls into the exact same situation. Apparently, they didn't hear a word Beverly said, because most of them acted like snotty brats.

Maybe it's reality burnout, or these girls don't feel they have to work, just be handed the prize, but it's getting on my last nerve.

Speaking of getting on my last nerve, I'm about to scream at this one woman that I work with. SKW for some reason feels the need to bother me on a constant basis, whining about how much work she has to do, and begging for my help. Hello! There are two other assistants in this group she could ask, plus the mailroom assistant but no, just because I'm the temp, I get dumped on and I've just about had it with her.

She's annoying to the max to say the least. She can't just explain something, she has to over explain and then treat me like I'm an idiot instead of a professional who has been working as an Admin for almost twenty freakin' years! I don't need anyone to tell me how to do my job, thank you very much.

She plays the 'oh, I have MS card,' constantly whenever she feels like it. I can't wait for them to hire someone so that I can get out of this job. I can't believe I even took a pay cut to work here! I knew when I interviewed for the spot, that she was going to be a pain in the ass, and she's proved it every single frickin day.

Yesterday, she demanded that I set up the conference room for her meeting! She claimed that I said I would do it, but what I said was that I would help her, which is what she originally asked for. Then she claimed that wasn't what she said. I decided not to argue the point, just to set up the meeting, and then clean up afterwards.

This is part of the problem of being a temp. You get treated like low man on the totem pole. Like anyone can dump whatever crap they want on you, and you're just supposed to shut up and take it. Sort of like the whole deal with the photographer on ANTM.

It can wear you down sometimes, man, it really can.

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