Thursday, April 07, 2005

I can see clearly now, the pain is gone

So I've recovered from my hangover pretty successfully. I'm still feeling a little under the weather but it's my own fault. I had a soy dog for lunch yesterday, and it made pretty nauseous. While veggie burgers are the bomb, soy dogs leave a lot to be desired I must say.

I settled in for a hot night of America's Next Top Model and the results show of American Idol mixed in with a little Alias. As you can tell I probably watch way too much TV. I'm even thinking of cutting off my standard cable and just leaving me with basic, since cable in New York is a whopping $50 a month. I could buy a pair of shoes with that!

I was so under the weather yesterday, that I didn't even mention that Prince Rainier of Monaco died. I'm really bummed about this, even more bummed than I am about the Pope. And can I just say the picture on the front of the New York Times of the Pope lying in state is creeping me out?

I hate funerals, and I particularly hate the ones with open caskets. Call me crazy, but I just don't like looking at dead people, particularly dead people embalmed to look like they're still alive. When I went to my brother's funeral, and saw how the cancer had ravaged his body so that he was almost unrecognizable, I realized my parents had the right idea about no funeral and cremation.

I have to admit that I totally bought into the idea of the fairytale relationship between Princess Grace and Rainier. I still like to believe that at some point they were happy, despite living in a gilded cage. Unlike Princess Diana, Grace seemed to make peace with her role. She carved out a career doing poetry readings and collages to satisfy the artistic side of herself.

I wonder now about Prince Albert. He's almost 50 and not married. They changed the law of succession so that Princess Caroline's oldest son can now inherit the title and the throne, which must please Albert since he shows no signs of getting married or having a serious relationship.

I still think he should find a nice European woman of his background and settle down. Maybe even a rich American woman since he seems the most American out of the three children. Paris Hilton? Nah, too much of a skank, but there must be someone with the poise of Gwyneth Paltrow he can marry.

Things are going swimmingly with the revisions of Nearly Famous. I'm almost finished re-reading the manuscript. Some of it I love, some of it I think is a load of shite, but over all I'm pretty proud of the book. I think I can definitely cut 100 pages out of it. I've already eliminated 3 whole chapters, and made myriad cuts where I've repeated myself.

I've given myself a deadline of May 1st to finish the revisions before I start querying again. I have my top ten list of agents that I will be querying including TOR, and RDI, in terms of publishers.

I still have two more books that I want to write this year. I know that one more is completely doable, and I can certainly make a start on the third before the end of the year. All the writing I've been doing lately with the newsletter, and the blogs seem to paying off.

Now somehow, I need to find the time to date!

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