Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Nose to the Grindstone

Well, I have a lovely day off yesterday away from my revisions. I put them aside to do my taxes and to start my May President's Letter for Keynotes. At a loss for anything really pithy about this writing thing, I wrote about my mother. It was nice to sort of write a little valentine to Mom after all these years. It brought back lovely memories, and some not so lovely.

I still have to edit the new end of my book, and a scene that I'm contemplating shoving in. I really plan on doing that, right after I finish reading this month's Premiere!

Last night, after work, I went off to the volunteer interviews for the Tribeca Film Festival. Truthfully, I'm surprised that I was called since at first I received an email saying that I was on the waiting list, and then an email saying that I'd been assigned to Special Events.

Why did I volunteer for the Tribeca Film Festival besides insanity? Well, I thought it would be fun, and it would give me something to write about! I live my life solely as fodder for this blog.

Well I took the 6 train down to Canal Street, which if you haven't been to New York, is like arriving in Hong Kong. You're right on the border of Soho, and Chinatown. When I got out of the train, all I saw were signs in Chinese.

Walking East? West? I made my way over to Grand Street to the offices of the special events team. First things, first. The elevator wasn't working so I had to walk all the way to the fifth floor, which was my exercise for the day. The stairwell was dark (at one point there were no lights whatsoever), filled with garbage, paint peeling from the ceiling.

I finally made it to the 5th floor, where I filled out the form with my availability and waited to be interviewed. I sat in the small waiting area till I was called for my interview. While I waited, I noticed that right next to the bathroom was a door that apparently led to someone's apartment.

How bizarre to share your apartment entry way with an office? That's New York for you where real estate is tight. The interview went well, and I'm looking forward to helping out. My friend MG and her husband will be back in town for the premiere of a movie called Proud about the only ship during WWII manned by an all African-American crew. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I'll get to work that event.

On the way to the subway, I stopped off at Hampton Chutney because I was jonesing for a goat cheese, portobello mushroom sandwich with carmelized onions. You know how you just have a taste for something? Well, unfortunately for me, it had to be a dream since apparently they were sold out of sandwiches.

I was seriously bummed. Not as bummed as the woman who found a thumb in her Wendy's chili. Now the chain is saying it's not theirs, and she's faking it. Where do you find a human thumb do something like this? Is there a store that you can go to, to buy human limbs for the sole purpose of trying to trick fast food chains out of money? I don't want to know.

Oooh, dark chocolate M&M's! Psych!


Joy said...

Hi Lady Novelist,
I've read your posts with interest. I enjoy reading the attempts of aspiring novelists, as I'm a writer too.

Can I make a suggestion? Read the first sentence of you last post again: "Well, I have a lovely day off yesterday away from my revisions." You've used the wrong form of have.

The sentence should be in the past tense not the present. Corrected, the sentence should read: "Well, I had a lovely day off yesterday away from my revisions."

I hope you don't mind the tip but it is very important for an aspiring writer to get the verb tenses right in their work. Publishers and agents reject potentially very good novels because of this error.

Good luck


Joy said...

Correction to my post: "Read the first sentence of you last post again:

Should read: "Read the first sentence of YOUR last post again:"