Thursday, April 28, 2005

Random Thoughts

There's been a thread on blogs that I read like Diana's Diversions and Marianne Mancusi's blog, Cosmo and Chat, about what to blog about. Should we blog about life, or stick to writing issues? Kathleen O'Reilly has a great blog, where she really discusses what she's read in the paper in an interesting and entertaining way. I love to read her blog, but I'm not sure that I really want to make that the focus of I blog about. Not when I can blog about the travest that is American Idol!

Whoa, Constantine was booted off last night. This is like the third time that I've been right about who was going on American Idol. I totally didn't see that Scott would be in the top three instead of Vonzell. I was sure that the bottom three would be Anthony, Constantine and Scott, with either Scott or Constantine going home. I was pretty certain it was Constantine because of his crappy performance Tuesday night, but believed the person who deserved to go home was Scott for his charisma free, boring peformance of Luther Vandross' Song for My Father. Frankly, I thought his performance would send Luther back into a coma, it was so bad.

Instead Constantine left us. For once, Paula was reduced to being speechless, not that she has anything really useful to say on a good day. I don't think I've ever seen her cry like that before. Loved the way she consoled Constantine's Mom. Interesting that this year, the only two performers with star quality, Constantine and Nadia were booted off. Ouch!

Now on to the more serious blogging. Maggie Gyllenhal is being taken to task on various websites for her statement that American foreign policy was partly responsible for the 9-11 attacks. She stated that America should look to it's past actions. Now if this statement had come from a politician, it would have been taken with some seriousness, but because she's an actress, apparently she's not entitled to an opinion. Or she should have just kept it to herself.

Come on, she's an American citizen, and has the right to air her opinions in public, just as much as Pat Buchanan or Bill O'Reilly. Why is it that it's okay, if you are a conservative to mouth off as much as possible, but if you have a liberal point of view, you're somehow anti-American?

Is there really anyone out there, who doesn't know or realize that our actions in the past, arming both Iran and Iraq in their war against each other, and training Osama Bin Laden's men, isn't somehow responsible for what's happening today?

Okay, I'm going to get off my soapbox now. Normally, I think that actors should keep their mouth shut when it comes to anything other than promoting their films, but in Maggie Gyllenhal's case, I make an exception because I think she's one of the more intelligent, and informed members of the thespian profession. I wouldn't want to hear Britney Spears opinion on foreign policy, primarily because I don't think she even knows what foreign policy is.

Should actors keep their mouths shut and stick to what they know?

Oh, and this was interesting, Mary Kate Letourneau actually said that she had no idea that having sex with a twelve year old was illegal. WTF? Really? Where do you live under a rock? How in the world could she possibly have thought that it was okay to have sex with someone who hadn't even hit puberty? I mean the kid's balls hadn't even dropped when they started sleeping together, his voice probably had just started to change. Ewww!

And now they're in love and want to get married? Fine, I just don't want to keep hearing about it or seeing it on my television. Go away, change your names, and live your lives out of the public eye.

A girl I went to high school with married our high school gym teacher, but at least that relationship didn't start until after graduation. You know the age of consent being 18 and all in most states.

So tell me, should I keep blogging about Reality TV, writing, and my miserable dating experiences in New York? Or should I blog about the serious issues of the day? Let me know if you have an opinion.


Megan Frampton said...


I don't watch Reality TV, and apparently I was the last person in the world to hear Britney was knocked up, but I do like reading about other writers' angst, so I'd vote for continuing that. As for serious issues, if something is upsetting you, by all means blog about it. Just keep in mind most people (myself notwithstanding) get a ton of news through the day.

Marley Gibson said...

I think the Mary Kay Letourneau thing is a bit gross, too. I mean, sure...a 21 year age difference isn't a HORRIBLE thing when one person is in their 40's and another in their 20's, but when they met...he was TWELVE! How are you attracted to a twelve year old? Ewwww... And the sickest thing is she had wanted to adopt him. Another ewwwww...

I saw an interview with them and they seem ridiculously who am I to judge, eh? Still...ewwww....