Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Why can't I find a man like Jon Stewart?

I was watching Oprah yesterday (no I was not home blowing off work, I taped it)because Jon Stewart was a guest on the show. For those of you don't know, Jon Stewart is the host of the Daily Show on Comedy Central, which is like a fake news program.

Jon Stewart is pretty much my ideal man. He's funny, he's smart, he's well dressed. Sure, he's no Brad Pitt or George Clooney. He's more real, the type of guy that you can imagine going out with, hoisting a beer or in my case a glass of wine. Hanging out with friends. He's not so high up in the stratosphere that people would wonder what he was doing with you, when he should be dating Angelina Jolie.

He's less fantasy man and much more obtainable. He's a little shorter than I like my men, being around average height. I've never practiced height descrimination with men, unless they are shorter than me. Considering the fact that I'm five foot four, unless I'm dating Mini-Me, most men are taller than me. I still prefer a man who is closer to six feet.

I think the most important feeling that I get from Jon Stewart is that he likes women, and considers them to be intelligent creatures. Believe me not all men feel that way. I don't get the sense that Jon would talk down to you if you didn't read the New Yorker or the New York Times. He's not an intellectual snob.

He's willing to take on the Tucker Carlson's of the world, and to put them in their place. My favorite thing about Jon Stewart was when he chastized Tucker Carlson and Tucker Carlson whined that Jon Stewart was not being funny, as if he was supposed to be a trained monkey to entertain at will.

Ah, if I could only find a man like Jon Stewart! You would think in New York, it would be easy but no. Finding a man like Jon Stewart is like looking for a needle in a haystack. He's also happily married, which also makes him attractive. He committed!

He went to William and Mary, a college I thought of applying to, since it's in Virginia where my mother was from. I actually went down to Williamsburg a few years ago to see Colonial Williamsburg which is near the campus. I could easily have seen myself spending four years there, and working at Virginia Shakespeare during the summer months.

I don't know why I ended up not applying. I think it had to do with my SAT's, that they weren't up to par for a school like William and Mary. Now that I think about it, it's kind of ridiculous since I got in to Bard, which was just as competitive a school.

Anyway, I'll be doing the AIDS walk with the W&M team this year. Hopefully there will be some single, straight men among the walkers. Not that that's the reason that I'm doing the walk. I really believe in raising money for Aids Research, plus I've done the walk in past years. I'm not expecting the AIDS Walk to be a matchmaking service for me. I'm just saying if it happens, it happens.

Stay tuned.

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