Thursday, April 21, 2005

Ten Signs You're a Celebraholic

You know who you are! I feel your pain. I too am a celebraholic. I first realized my condition, when I figured out that I was less than six degrees of seperation from Kevin Bacon. I once had a conversation with Gwyneth Paltrow (during her Brad period, pre-Oscar and Chris Martin). I'm also a celebrity magnet. I can't go a day in New York without tripping over a celebrity. I don't want it is, but I can't shake these people.

Having said that, here are the top ten signs that you are a celebraholic:

10. You've taken a class at the Kabbalah centre

9. You took it personally when Brad and Jen broke-up.

8. You have watched an episode of any of the following: the E! True Hollywood Story, VH-1's Behind the Music or the Surreal Life.

7. You have subscriptions to any of the following: US Weekly, In Touch, People, The Star, Life & Style, Entertainment Weekly or all of the above.

6. You refer to celebrities soley by their first names.

5. You get anxious if you miss a night of E! News Live

4. Like Paris Hilton, you've decided to trademark a phrase such as 'chickalicious' because it's going to take off any day now.

3. You secretly dream of trying out for a Reality TV show like Survivor or the Amazing Race. Hey if Omarosa can be famous, you can too!

2. You spend more time critiquing the outfits worn at the Academy Awards then worrying about who's going to win.

And the number one way you know that you are a celebraholic is

1. You know the names of every celebrity you share a birthday with.

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