Monday, April 11, 2005

I do, I do, I do

What a glorious weekend we had here in New York. Sunny, 72 degrees yesterday. No rain.

I had a wonderful time on Friday with my fellow writer friends. We went down to Cafe Raffaella in Greenwich village which is owned by a good friend of a friend. I've been there a couple of times over the years, and I was eager to share the restaurant with my friends.

We had a lovely table in the second room, unfortunately it was too chilly to sit outside Friday night. I had two glasses of a wonderful Pinot Grigio, and the Penne Puttanesca with Tuna which was excellent. We sat there for three hours gossiping and having a good time.

Saturday morning, I felt the effects of that good time, but I soldiered on to Pilates none the less. Later that night, I went out to City Grill on the Upper West Side to celebrate another friends birthday. I went easy on the alcohol, choosing to have a single drink but what a drink it was.

A flirtini for the those of you who have never had one, is Raspberry vodka, raspberry puree and champagne. It's like a slushy with a kick. If I ever get married, or sell a book, I'm serving Flirtini's at the ceremony or at my book party.

I doubt that Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles were drinking Flirtini's at their wedding since the reception was a simple tea party with finger sandwiches and champagne. Apparently the Queen felt that it would be in poor taste to have a bigger do being that this is Prince Charle's second marriage, and the nation still hasn't quite warmed up to the Duchess of Cornwall.

Of course, I watched the wedding. Did you think otherwise? Good Morning America showed some of it, but thank god for WE channel which showed the entire religious ceremony Saturday night. I thought that Camilla looked lovely. She's not the beauty Diana was, but she's just the sort of woman who suits the Prince of Wales who is definitely a man of his class who likes hunting, fishing, painting, and gardening. Not to mention listening to Opera.

It's a shame that the POW and Camilla hadn't met later in life instead when they were in their early twenties. The Prince wasn't ready to get married, and Camilla, I guess fearing she would be on the shelf, married an old beau.

Considering how many girlfriends the Prince of Wales had in the next 11 years, I doubt they were still involved romantically, but I'm sure they were very good friends. It's ironic that one of Prince Charle's girlfriends, Anna Wallace, broke up with the Prince for the same reasons that Diana often complained of, feeling neglected.

If only Diana had been her real self during their courtship, and not telling him what he wanted to hear. Unfortunately, it seemed the woman he married was not the same woman he courted.

I hope that Charles and Camilla finally find happiness together. I think they deserve it. The irony is that if Diana were still alive, I don't think they would be getting married. Unless of course, Diana had remarried herself. That's why I don't think that Diana was killed. I think that Royal Family would never have gotten rid of the young Princes mother no matter how annoying.

Better that she remarried, even someone like Dodi Fayed, and live abroad, then single and living in Britain. The last thing they would have wanted was for her to be seen as some kind of martyr figure.

How interesting that Camilla's ex-husband was invited to the ceremony with his new wife. Apparently its friends all around. How sophisticated and continental it all seems. I thought Camilla looked lovely and age appropriate. No low cut halter dress and tiara like Judith Nathan or strapless Vera Wang like Donna Hanover. She's not a bad looking woman, but she does look 57 as does Prince Charles looks 56.

The commentators were hysterical. WE had Trinny and Susannah from What not to Wear? Ingrid Seward who is de rigeur at these things, the editor of Brides magazine and assorted British journalists who no one on this side of the Atlantic has ever really heard of. They all contradicted themselves over whether or not the public approves of Camilla. Some said no, others said it was a total media invention.

I couldn't believe that Joan Rivers was there! Apparently she and Prince Charles are friends after meeting on a painting holiday in France. Who knew? You could have knocked me down with a feather when I saw her sitting in the cathedral.

The Queen, of course, looked like the Queen. Hard to believe that next year, she'll be 80, and Prince Philip will be 85 this year. Where has the time gone? I love it when the entire Royal Family gets together. You know I'll be buying the special issue of Hello Magazine. I wonder who'll be on the cover though, the Pope's funeral which was the day before or Charles and Camilla?

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