Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Where in the world is my friggin ending?

Free lunch today, Yeah! I had to get that off my chest. Also, I took a quiz to see which American city, I should live in. Very interesting results.


American Cities That Best Fit You:

80% Boston

60% Philadelphia

60% San Francisco

60% Washington, DC

55% Chicago

Which American Cities Best Fit You?

Boston, huh? I've only driven through the city but isn't it extremely cold there? Even colder than New York. Funny that New York didn't even make it for me, and that's the city in which I live and have lived for most of my life. San Francisco is a city I've always wanted to visit. I sense that I would enjoy living there. And they have a pretty cool RWA chapter. Philly, I've been too many times, and Washington DC.

What does this have to with the ending of my book? Nothing really. I'm just procrastinating, as I have been all week. I finished the cuts on the book, and now it's a lean, mean, 440 pages. Which is still 40 more pages than I want it to be. Plus, I haven't added the murder mystery scene that I want to add. Something has to go, and I'm not sure what.

Now I just have to work on the ending, and fix all the niggling bits that aren't quite jelling. That will take up all of next week. I had planned on finishing the revisions this week. Way optimistic of me. The query letter is finished, and the synopsis is as tight as a drum now.

I could say my malaise is weather oriented. It's been absolutely crappy this whole week, ranging from freezing to freezing less. Today's weather is cold, and rainy.

But I guess the malaise is just that I've been working on this book on and off for four years now, and I need to find the enthusiasm that I had when I first wrote it. I plan on sending it off to be critiqued, and I'm sure once that's done, I'll have even more revisions. I think that's what's lacking, another perspective.

I had given the manuscript to a another writer in the workshop that I was taking. I had generously agreed to read her manuscript (and she has an agent!), and I was pysched when she agreed to read mine. I emailed her the manuscript way back in September, and she still hasn't read it. Is that rude or am I just being overly sensitive.

I emailed her last week, to ask her to delete the manuscript from her hard drive, but she hasn't answered me. I could just chalk this down to Mercury being in retrograde and leave it at that.

Just to get off the subject, Constantine had better be prepared to pack his bags on American Idol tonight. It's going to be either him or Scott that's going home. I say this because I had no problems getting through to vote for him for the two hours after the show. I almost wore out the redial button, I pushed it so many times.

Now, I didn't vote for ole Constantine of the famous Greek name because I think he's the best, he's a little too Justin Guarini for me, but I would rather have him on the show, sleazing up the joint than Scott Savol.

Personally, it's time for Scott to go. He's given one lackluster performance after another for the past 7 weeks. While other performers are growing like Anthony and Vonzell, Scott has stayed stuck in neutral since day one. On the other hand, he did have the hard-luck video of the night.

While Constantine's performance was subpar, his video contained glowing testament from his family about how wonderful he was, and what a great Pop Star he'll be. Scott's video was basically, 'I'm a regular Joe living a deadend life near Cleveland, with my biracial child. Please help me.'

Who do you think is going home after that? The guy who is so in love with himself or the comatose serial killer lookalike with the hard luck story?

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