Thursday, December 06, 2007

Holiday Gifts for Writers

Last night while I was at work, I came up this site, Shakespeare's Den, which has some really groovy gifts for writer's not the least being this Jane Austen action figure. Yes, Jane has gone action! From the looks of it, she's not very big, but you can probably move her arms around. She's carrying a copy of Pride & Prejudice I think (of course!), and a quill for those quick flashes of brilliance on the go.

There are other adorable gifts, such as the Philosophers and Great Writer's finger puppets which consists of Virginia Woolf, Shakespeare, Charles Dickens and Mark Twain. You can even purchase them seperately including a Jane Austen finger puppet and a Freud finger puppet that comes complete with couch.

I've actually been thinking of making donations in people's names this year for Christmas instead of giving gifts. At the same time, I love the fun of choosing just the right gifts for my friends. This was the part of the year where ex-sweetie pie and I would exchange gifts. I used to always subtley start dropping hints around September of what I might want.

When we first got together, I just automatically assumed that he would know what to give me, since I had no problems finding great gifts for him. But I soon learned that sometimes men have to be guided. Which is why my dad used to just give my mother money so that she could buy what she wanted, instead of him guessing and getting it wrong. Although once I noticed that he used to keep her measurements in his wallet.

Ex-sweetie pie quickly figured out that if he bought me anything in red, than I was probably going to like it. Plus books were always good, and I was great at pointing those out at Barnes & Noble.

So what do you plan on getting the writer or special someone in your life?

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Kathryn said...

What a great site suggestion! I wasn't familiar with it when I put together my own list of gifts for writers ( but I'll certainly check it out before making a new list. Happy holidays!