Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Indecision 2007

So I'm sitting here dithering about whether or not to go to the Philoctetes Center this evening for a reception for an art show called Healing through Art. Its an exhibition of paintings created by the children of the Kasisi Children's Home, which is a haven for AIDS oprhans in Lusaka, Zambia.

So here are my reasons for not going:

1) I don't want cutie pie author to think I'm stalking him.

2) I don't want have to spend the evening watching cutie pie author with his girlfriend.

3) My skirt has a stain on the bottom.

4) You can see my roots.

5) It's that time of the moon.

6) I'm already going to be out 6 nights this week.

7) I can't get anyone to go with me.

8) They're probably only going to be serving cheese and crackers

9) I can't afford to bid on any of the paintings that are being offered in the silent auction.

10) I think I'm getting a zit.

On the other hand, the Center is on my way home, if I lived on the East Side, which I don't. I mean, I could take the bus across town at 86th Street to go home after the reception. Normally, I wouldn't have this dilemma because I would have my salsa classes on Tuesday, but since I had to skip this month because I was out of town, and I went to see Atonement last week, I'm actually available.

Sigh! Everything was so much simpler when I was still deluding myself. It's not like I don't have things to do. I have 3 hours of television to watch on my DVR, research to do for my other blog Scandalous Women, and a copy of Anna Godbersen's new YA novel, LUXE, which Harper Collins thankfully sent me in the mail just for being President of RWA NYC (I love perks!).

Still I'm tempted to go. What's wrong with me?

I am such a wimp!


MaryF said...

So.....did you go????

Love that picture - I almost used it today, too!!

Elizabeth Kerri Mahon said...

No, I didn't go. I totally wimped out and went home and did my roots. I feel so much better now. Plus I forgot to put on deodorant, and I had a hole in my pantyhose. I just felt the cosmos was telling me not to embarrass myself.