Friday, December 28, 2007

You Call this Technical Support?

So last night I was so excited. I had gone downtown and bought, drumroll please, a region-free DVD player. What this means is that I can order DVD's from for TV shows and movies that haven't been released here and watch them (Strictly Come Dancing anyone?). The problem came when it was time to hook it up to my TV set.

Problem number one came when the wires didn't quite fit the back of the TV set. I fixed that by using the same wires from my old DVD/VCR combo. The biggest problem was that my DVR had been hooked up to the DVD player, along with another cable wire, so now I had two wires and had no idea where they went.

So I did what most people do, I called technical support at the evil empire, Time Warner Cable. And sat on hold for 20 minutes. Fortunately they were playing really pretty classical music. When I finally got someone on line, who actually seemed to live in this country and not Bombay, the real problems started. No matter how many times I explained the problem, that I had wires I didn't know what to do with, she didn't get it.

Finally, she told me that nothing I was telling her was in the manual. WTF? The manual? Seriously, this is what they call technical support? Someone sitting there looking at pictures in a manual? I could look at pictures in a manual and I could have saved myself the trouble. I was so peeved, I asked for an appointment for someone, who you know, actually knew what they were doing to come out to my apartment to figure this out.

Right now, I have a picture on my TV but it's primarily red. Yes, everyone looks red. Not very cheery. But the DVD player works, so I can now watch that DVD from Netflix that's been sitting around for the past 4 months.

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