Friday, December 07, 2007

How stupid are Sherri Shepherd and Kellie Pickler?

EW had an intersting article in Pop Watch about Kellie Pickler and Sherri Shepherd, whether or not they were really as dumb as they seem or if it's just an act they put on. I've wondered the same thing about Kellie Pickler ever since her days on American Idol, where she frequently made bone-headed statements. However, she was recently on that Fox show Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader, where apparently she isn't smarter.

According to Kellie, she'd never heard of Hungary, and she thought Europe was one country. Which makes me wonder at the educational system in Albemarle, NC. My feeling is that she's playing the dumb blonde role for all it's worth, the way Jessica Simpson does in those terrible Macy's commercials, where she can't get the door open. Seriously, Joe Simpson thinks that his daughter playing dumb, and him making comments about her breasts is good career management. It's no wonder Ashlee Simpson has had so much plastic surgery.

But Sherri Shepherd is another story. Seriously, I wonder why ABC hired her, other than for her bubbly personality, because her ignorance is seriously offensive. Apparently she believed that Christianity predated all the Greek and Roman civilizations. Which is interesting since it says in the New Testament that Israel was part of the Roman Empire. Then she had the nerve to equate wearing a kilt to cross-dressing! And said that she wouldn't want her child to hang around anyone wearing a kilt.

Seriously, I hope that James McAvoy appears on The View to take her to task for that one, because she just insulted every single Scottish and Irish American sitting in the audience and watching the show. Not to mention Sean Connery! I'd like to see her call him a cross-dresser to his face. I'd hate to hear what she thinks about the men who wear sarongs! Nothing like insulting someone's culture.

The fact that she thought the world was flat because the Bible said so, I don't even want to touch. Even Evangelical Christians I don't think believe that. Believe in Creationism or Intelligent Design if you must, but the earth being flat? Has she not seen pictures of the earth from space?

I used to think that listening to Elisabeth Hasselbeck spout her conservative views was painful but at least Elisabeth reads a newspaper and is informed enough about the world to formulate an opinion, no matter how boneheaded I think she is. At least she's no Ann Coulter, for which we can all be grateful. But Sherri Shepherd is another matter entirely, when there were so many other more qualified candidates out there for the job on The View. Heck, as annoying as I find Oprah's best friend, Gayle King, even she would have been preferable.

What do other people think? Sherri Shepherd and Kellie Pickler? Seriously dumb or they just play dumb for profit? And how far back is this setting the women's movement?

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