Friday, December 14, 2007

Houston, we have lift off!

I'm so excited. My chapter just launched its new web-site today. You can check it out at here. Not only does it look slick and professional, but we have videos and profiles of our published authors. Our lovely web-mistress, Morgan Doremus really took our site to the next level.

We've been extremely lucky in our chapter with our web-site. Since the beginning, the site has been designed by chapter members. First by Darlene James, then by Sapna, and now by Morgan.

What I'm most excited by is the videos. Visitors to our site can get a real glimpse of our published as well as our unpublished authors. The plan is to have a new video up on the site every week.

Visitors can also preview a copy of our newsletter as well.

So mosey on over and check it out. I'm dying to know what people think!

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