Monday, December 31, 2007

Movie Mini Reviews

Since the Writer's Guild is on strike, and there's nothing really to watch on television apart from repeats, and my cable is working corrently, I've been heading over to the cinemaplex after work to plunk down my hard-earned $11.75 to go to the movies.

So far this past week, I've seen Sweeney Todd, Walk Hard, P.S. I Love You, National Treasure: Book of Secrets and Charlie Wilson's War.

Let's start with Sweeney Todd. I saw the original cast of Len Carious and Angela Lansbury on Broadway, as well as the most recent revival with Patti LuPone and Michael Cerveris, and the only thing I can say is: Is there anything that Johnny Depp can't do? The man was born to play this role, and his voice totally suits the part. Helena Bonham Carter, although really good in the role, can't match him vocally. And how nice was it to see Alan Rickman? Sigh! Yes, the film is bloody, but the blood doesn't really look all that gory, really. I would definitely watch this again on DVD.

Walk Hard, The Dewey Cox Story - Extremely funny and John C. Reilly can sing. Do not go see this movie if you didn't find Talladega Nights or Blades of Glory funny.

P.S. I Love You - I wasn't going to see this film because I can't stand Hilary Swank. I still think Annette Bening was robbed of her Academy Award for Being Julia in favor of Hilary Swank as Boxing Girl. Plus she was terrible as a femme fatale in The Black Dahlia. Seriously was Jennifer Connelly not available? However, I made an exception for this film because all of my favorite men were in it, Gerard Butler, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Harry Connick Jr. and James Marsters from Buffy and Angel. Plus Mary from The Bandwagon saw it twice and loved it. And I'm glad that I went. I don't know what the reviewer was thinking who said that Hilary Swank can't do romantic comedy, since guess what this isn't a romantic comedy. Yes, there are parts that are funny, but it's about a woman trying to go on with her life after the untimely death of her husband. Not exactly a life riot topic.

This movie was touching, funny, and heartwarming. It's about learning to live and love again when you don't think that you can bring yourself to do either. It's about second chances.

The only time the movie lost me was in the beginning when Gerry was about to make hot monkey love to Hilary Swank, and she got up to put her shoes away because she said they wouldn't love her if she didn't. WTF? You have a hot guy who wants to give you a tongue bath in inappropriate places and you want to put your shoes away? I totally thought she didn't deserve either Gerry or Jeffrey Dean Morgan at that point. Still, I wanted all her clothes and shoes from this movie. Anyone know if they are up for auction on Ebay?
National Treasure: Book of Secrets? I fell dirty that I actually went to see this movie, so I redeemed myself by going to see Charlie Wilson's War on Sunday. I also wanted to see it because my BFF once dated Mr. Wilson. Not in the days when he presumable looked somewhat like Tom Hanks but his later years after he left Congress. Good movie, great dialogue and Philip Seymour Hoffmann deserves to be nominated for best supporting actor for his work. I'm not sure why Emily Blunt was in this film since she only had one scene. Very thought provoking movie and not in a heavy handed way.
So that's it, my movie round-up. Hoping to see Juno this week and The Golden Compass.
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MaryF said...

I agree with the bit about the shoes - WHO would get out of bed with Gerry to put away her SHOES? And YES, on her clothes! I really paid attention the third time I saw the movie ;) And I didn't even BLINK the whole time Jeffrey Dean was onscreen,

Elizabeth Kerri Mahon said...

Loved JDM, even thought his little Irish accent was cute, although the dude needs not to sing on screen. Did you hear that he and Mary Louise Parker are back together. They make such a cute couple, I can't hate her. Gerry dating Naomi Campbell I can hate.

MaryF said...

I DID hear they're back together. I love that she's older than him ;) I saw him on Martha and he talked about her kids, too.

Gerry and Naomi???? NOOOOO!!!!!