Wednesday, December 19, 2007

What the hell happened?

Is there something going on in the cosmos that I don't know about? What happened to the end of the year bringing peace and light and joy? First Amy Winehouse gets arrested in conjuction with her husband's case and now this.

I just read on that Jamie Lynn Spears, Britney's 16 year old sister is 12 weeks pregnant by her boyfriend.

Wait, wasn't she the normal one? The one who wasn't going to act all crazy like her sister? So now, we not only know that her sweet and innocent sister is not only been having sex but doesn't know the first thing about birth control either.

Funny all those tabloids that have been saying for weeks that Britney is pregnant with her third child completely missed this one. Apparently even her mom couldn't believe it, because as she put it, Jamie Lynn has never missed a curfew. Well, now Mom knows what she was doing before curfew.

Britney and Jamie Lynn's mother, Lynne Spears, had been contracted to write a book about parenting, which was going to be published by Thomas Nelson, a company that publishes inspirational books and Bibles. Guess what? The book has been postponed "indefinitely" which means that I hope Lynne Spears didn't spend her advance.

Seriously, does anyone really think that this book is going to see the light of day? The evangelicals would be up in arms, planning boycotts. I can't imagine anyone wanting to buy a book from Lynne Spears talking about parenting.

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