Friday, May 23, 2008

Sceevy McGreevy

Remember this guy? Mr. 'I am a gay American' Jim McGreevy, former governor of the state of New Jersey who had to resign because his closeted gay life was about to be revealed? The man who hired his boy toy, who had no experience, in a high-powered job? Remember him?

Well, Jim McGreevy is back in the news, because he claims that he can't get a job now that he's come out as a gay man. WTF? Yes, that's his excuse for not wanting to pay alimony to his ex-wife. His attorney claims that Dina Matos McGreevy doesn't deserve alimony because they were only married for four years, and she made more money than him during the marriage.

However, far from being broke, McGreevy made $429,000 in 2006 and $185,000 last year. She of course claims that he duped her into marrying him, by concealing the fact that he was gay. He says that she knew and that they often had three-somes because that was the only way that he could perform. Thank god their daughter is too young to understand most of what is going on, because did she or anyone really need to know that?

Apparently, he also suffers from selective amnesia as well, claiming that he can't remember who paid for their wedding and honeymoon, which probably means it wasn't him. My favorite was the part where he said that he didn't take all his salary as governor of New Jersey because the state needed it more than him. How altruistic of him, considering he was also putting his boyfriend on the payroll and allegedly indulging in threesomes with another state employee.

I get that Dina McGreevy is a little pissed that her life as a Governor's wife was cut short when her husband had to pull an Elliott Spitzer and resign, but she needs to just put the past behind her, and move on. I don't think she is owed alimony because she got used to a certain lifestyle as New Jersey's first lady. She wasn't even first lady that long. But she is owed something because they do have a child and she's about to lose her job next month when the hospital where she workds as an executive closes.

And Jim McGreevy needs to stop being a jerk and just pay child support and dive their assets and get it over with. He's now studying to be an Episcopalian priest lord help us. Not because he's gay, because there are openly gay Episcopalian priests including a Bishop. I don't think he has the tools to be an effective priest. In the last few years, he's basically been living off his boyfriend, and friends who have employed him, who also have paid for his vacations.

Apparently he also hasn't paid child support for his other child. Does the word 'deadbeat' mean anything? Just because he's incapable of managing his money, doesn't excuse him from supporting his children.

Oh and as for being unemployable, a radio station offered him a talk show and he turned them down.


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