Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Tuesday Talk

Had a fab Memorial Day weekend, hanging out with the Megan and her friends at her warming of the house. Hard to believe that National is less than two months away, kind of freaking out about it. What to wear, budgeting my money to do fun San Francisco things, etc. Also went to see Iron Man on Sunday. Really liked it, but I wanted more and I'm not sure what. Maybe because it was the first movie, I wanted a little more about the relationship between Obediah and Stark. Loved Robert Downey jr. and Jeff Bridges though. Even Gwynnie was fine. Thought it was hysterical, her trying to run away from Jeff Bridges wearing platform stilettos.

Now its back to the grind of work and by work, I mean revisions on the WIP. I'm up to 50,000 words (175 pages) and I have about a month to write the other 175 pages of the book. I'm figuring that the book should run about 350 pages. Lots more fun things to write about in terms of college life in the 19th century.

Also have more interviews in the works for both blogs. Right now on Scandalous Women, I have an interview with Paula Uruburu, the author of American Eve, about Evelyn Nesbit and Stanford White. I'm pretty proud of it, and I hope everyone will stop by and take a look. In the meantime, I can't believe that I have written 900 posts on this blog! Where has the time gone? It seems impossible to me that I could have written so much.

So on to the Bachelorette. I need to check my bank balance to see about getting a laptop so that I can live blog this thing, because its so much better when you are in the moment. So everyone is hating on Jeremy because he got a second impression rose from DeAnna and he gets to stay in the house another week. Dudes, whatever he's got it, its working because girlfriend is seriously smitten with him. Found it interesting that she kept Graham since the guy has had only one serious relationship in his life and he's almost thirty.

Jason seriously needs to tell DeAnna about his son, and I'm surprised that he didn't tell her during the party before the rose ceremony. I have a feeling from the preview that when he does tell her on their one on one date, it doesn't go well, since he waited so long. Then again, I'm been burned by the previews before where it looks like the guy is going home, and he doesn't (or girl, remember her bad overnight date with Matt which then turned out well for her, after she took off her panties!). I really like Jason and I admire his love for his son, although you have to wonder about him leaving the kid to go on a reality dating show.

I'm also glad that Fred, Jesse and Richard are still in the running but what was the deal with Twilley? Seriously, she kept him over virgin Ryan who was at least hot? And she never found out that he was a virgin, although maybe the whole faith thing turned her off. You knew Greek boy was going since every word out of his mouth was about him and her being Greek. Seriously dude, George Stephanopolous is Greek too, and he married a WASP, it can be done. You don't need to scour the earth for your Greek bride, although it might make a funny reality TV show.

I like the whole idea of the guys getting to live in the house with DeAnna but considering that these episodes are 2 hours long, it might have been nice to see some more interaction of DeAnna with the guys in the house. Unless it all takes place off camera. Thought the whole bunk bed situation was awesome, and the outdoor shower.

I'm really liking this Bachelorette primarily because while DeAnna is serious about it, she's also in it to have fun as well. Does anyone remember how painful Jen Scheft's season was? Although I have to admit while I was watching Tommy LaSorda at Dodger stadium, I kept waiting for him to offer the guys some Slimfast.

How hysterical was it that Chris, the guy who played minor league ball, couldn't hit? Thought his explanation that he was a pitcher hilarious. Must have played for the American League. Chef boy Robert flaming out was pretty cool too. Is it just me or did Jeremy seem fake when he was telling DeAnna about his parents death? I'm going to have to watch him more closely.

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