Thursday, May 29, 2008

Talking Top Chef

First of all, how awesome is it that there are 3 women in the finals this year (even if it does include sour puss Lisa) instead of the usual one? I'd say that there is a very good chance this year that a woman will finally take the title of Top Chef. No offense to Richard, but I'm really hoping you go down dude next week, and that Stephanie and Antonia are the final two. Stephanie has been one of the most consistent chefs this season. She's won, what like 4 Elimination Challenges? Antonia is pretty awesome as well, although the poached egg deal, is so over.

As for Spike? Sayonara dude. I've been jonesing for this guy to go since like the second week of competition. The whole hat thing, while cool, was getting old. And his need to try and screw everyone over, just backfired on him repeatedly. How much did you just want to slap him when he snapped at Rick Tramonto about the frozen scallops, about how he shouldn't have had them in the pantry? Loved Tom Colicchio mentioning that Spike had been in the bottom 7 times this season.

Ah my Harold, it was so good to see him, although I always get the feeling when they bring him back, he'd rather be anywhere else but on Top Chef? Seriously, you are getting a free trip to Chicago and a real meal, look happy for once. All we need to do is to bring back Cliff and Tre wearing a wife beater and I will be a happy girl. In fact, I was so happy to see this episode that I left during the intermission of Sunday in the Park with George to watch Top Chef. That's kind of sad, when reality tv is more exciting than Stephen Sondheim!

Sunday in the Park with George
is kind of about the painter George Seurat but not really. It is more of a meditation on a painter named George who is so consumed with his art, he neglects human relationships. Hmm, where have I seen that before? Not really original and the music was just middling Sondheim. It was sort of Sondheim in his Stravinsky period, sort of atonal and not fun. The performances were excellent and the staging was intriguing but not enough to make me stay through the whole performance.

I think I mentioned that I'm done outlining Chapter 14 in my manuscript. Now all I need is some Victorian etiquette books and I can rock on with it through the edits. It has been hard getting back into writing mode after the long weekend, although I did do some editing. I have a feeling until the end of June, I'm going to be writing 7 days a week on this book which kind of sucks but is necessary.

Hmm! What would Nora do?

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Kwana said...

Good luck with the writing. Wednesday is all about TS! Nothing else comes close.