Thursday, May 01, 2008

Happy Beltane

Can you believe that it is May already? Where has all the time gone? If you are interested in finding out about all the traditions of Mayday, you can find them over at the Risky Regencies blog here.

May is one of my favorite months, partly because my favorite flowers, lilacs, are usually in bloom in May. Speaking of which, I may just have to stop by the flower shop tonight and pick-up a bunch after I take my poor tired feet to get a pedicure, so that I can have happy Spring feet. My Dad's birthday was in May, so I always like to have a nice glass of wine on May 8th to remember him. I should drink scotch since that was his beverage of choice, but I can't stomach the stuff. Anything that can strip the varnish off a table is not something I want to put in my stomach.

May also brings Brenda Novak's annual on-line charity auction for Diabetes which you can find here. There are tons of fabulous things to bid on, including an ARC of Julia Quinn's next book and various lunches with editors at National, and all the money goes to Diabestes research. Since my dad suffered from diabetes, I always try to bid on items during this auction.

I'm happy to report that the chapter from hell is finally done and edited and I started chapter 10 yesterday. I'd lost my mojo there for awhile during the writing. The middle of the book is the hardest part for me. I keep thinking of the 'sagging middle' syndrome, and since plotting isn't my strong suit, I have to work extra hard at this point to make sure that the story is moving forward. I have to make sure that I'm not racing too far ahead just to get to the end of the book. Especially since I have a cast of thousands in this book it seems like.

Last night I was supposed to do a market research thing for Appleton Rum. I was really excited about it because I was getting paid $200 in cash. Well, when I got there, they had overbooked so they didn't use me, but I still got paid! Isn't that awesome? $200 for doing absolutely nothing. And I also won an ARC of Susan Holloway Scott's next book this week. Sweet!

More Ugly Betty and Grey's Anatomy tonight! I can't wait.

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Kwana said...

I can't belive it. Tag you're it. Sorry.

Elizabeth Kerri Mahon said...

I've already not only done the tag but managed to pimp your blog twice in one day. How about that!