Thursday, May 22, 2008

And The Winner Is!

Yes! I am so happy that I can't stop smiling. I came home last night after a fabulous dinner at Chow Bar with my Impossibly Handsome British Friend certain that Archie was going to take home the crown and boy was I wrong!

David Cook won and not by a little, nope the dude beat Archie by 12 million votes. So there Simon, Paula and Randy. I wonder if this was their diabolical plan? Praise Archie to the skies and then let the voters take over.

All in all, the finale didn't totally suck although my DVR cut off Idol just after Ryan Seacrest said David Cook so I spent all last night wondering if I had heard wrong. I had to immediatel confirm it when I got up this morning and turned on the Internet. I thought the performances for the most part were pretty good except for Seal and Syesha. The song was too low for her and Seal sounded like he had a bad cold. They totally didn't blend well at all.

DC outsang Archie on 'Heroes', DC sounding remarkably like Chad Kroeger, and then we had that horrible sketch with Mike Myers pimping his new movie The Love Guru which in my humble opinion (at least judging by what I saw on the show) is totally going to tank. Amanda Overmyer looked pained to be there, like she'd just looked over her contract and realized that she was owned by 19 Entertainment for the next three months even though she didn't make the tour. Jason Castro proved that he really can't sing anything that doesn't have folk/rock vibe, although he sounded awesome on Hallelujah again.

The highlight for me besides DC playing with ZZTop was Carly Smithson and Michael Johns (looking hot as always) singing a duet on 'Letter.' I may have to go see the Idol tour if they can promise me that those two will sing a duet again. They were awesome together and should definitely record a song for their albums.

Loved Carrie Underwood's new single. Girlfriend has come along way since Idol. She's definitely become a star with a capital S. Loved the outfit, loved her stomping on the stage, and loved the song. I will definitely have to download it when I get my new iPod. Jordin Sparks, not so much. First of all, what the hell did the costume designers put her in? Or was that her stylist who should fired immediatley for gross crimes against an American Idol. She looked like a mylar balloon.

George Michael? Awesome but the dude seriously needs to take the sunglasses off indoors, particularly when you are singing. The audience would like to see your eyes (this goes for you too Archie). He sounded pretty good for someone who had a cold. How great was it to see Simon actually apologize?

And then the moment we were all waiting for:

David Cook wins.

No worries Archie, you will have a career as soon as you finish high school and you hit puberty. Hook up with David Foster, the man who gave us Josh Groban and you will be fine.

As for David Cook, I will buy his album (or download it since this is the 21th century!).


Maureen McGowan said...

DVR's are a problem when a program goes over. Mine cut off at, "And the winner is--" SNAP.

Then I taped it again on a west coast channel and was smart enough to also tape the news that came on afterwards... Still never heard the words "David Cook" -- but at least I saw the post announcement stuff (on the recording that was supposed to be the news).

I enjoyed most of the show, and agree with your highlights. Strange season... And now, for Canadian Idol that starts soon. Fun.

Elizabeth Kerri Mahon said...

I may try and watch some of that on You Tube. I've watched Britain's Next Top Model that way and it was awesome.

I wish they would do another World Idol contest or at least a concert so that we can get to see the winners from the shows around the World. I found it interesting when they did that a few years ago.