Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Everything I know about Romance I learned From Dancing with the Stars

Last night was Latin Night on Dancing with the Stars. Was everyone as excited as I was? No? Since I take Latin Ballroom Dancing classes at Dancesport, I was excited to see the celebrities performing two dances that I actually know something about, the rumba and the samba.

I have to say how impressed I am with how well the dancers performing the samba did considering they only had a week to learn a choreographed routine. I've been taking samba lessons for a year now and I'm probably at the same level as Marissa Jaret Winokur. Samba is hard, and ballroom samba is even harder. There's the bounce factor, where your body is supposed to be going in two different directions. And samba moves! Ideally not just across the floor but around the room. I can't tell you how tired I am after taking an hour samba class.

The rumba is my favorite dance, I even wrote a post during the last season of DTWS about my love for the rumba. As Len and Mark said, the rumba expresses vertically what goes on horizontally. Its all about the push me/pull me aspect of romance. You want him but you don't want to want him. Kind of like in romance novels, when you bring the hero and heroine together and then you pull them apart only to bring them back together again. Only there is no black moment in rumba!

So I was very happy that MY Kristi and Mark got the highest scores for a beautiful dance. I even forgive Mark for wearing lavendar shoes (seriously what is up with that?). Even though Kristi felt the need to decide they had to play characters (Kristiana and Markutio), they were very romantic and sensual.

In second place was hottie Jason Taylor dancing with Edyta who in every dance has to remind you of how long her legs are and how flexible she is. We get it, now can you showcase your partner instead of yourself? Mario and Katrina did a great samba but I couldn't get over how orange she looked. Seriously, all that spraytanning cannot be good for you. And Louis von Amstel and Priscilla Presley? Sigh! I really wanted them to do a good rumba, but she just looked uncomfortable although kudos to being able to do a split to the floor when you're 62. Too bad she had such a hard time getting back up. Talk about awkward.

I still want my Kristi to win although I did vote for Marlee Matlin and Priscilla Presley (how nice of ABC to allow you to vote from 3 different emails) as well.

On to The Bachelor. Matt really went up a notch this week in my estimation by booting off Robin. Little Miss "I've lived in London and my parents have a tea maker" deserved to go. She was rude to the other contestants and seriously condescending. Marshana was right for calling her out on that. Although Omarosa jr. needed to dial it down a notch. Just because you tried rugby and skiing and showed you were a good sport (not really) doesn't mean that Matt should pick you. And her hissy fit over Chelsea and Robin was ludicrous. Talk about making a mountain out of a mole hill. They may have been attacking your character, but you were not classy about the way you defended yourself.

Note to contestants, if you have to suggest to Matt how much you would like to bring him home to meet your family, and instead of it coming from him, you're pretty much going home. I knew that Marshana was going home, because she had more screen time then ever in this episode, and Matt made no effort to kiss her at all, at any time, during the episode, and he kissed everyone else. Robin with her 'Bon Soir' good-bye was hilarious. I sort of knew when she said that she was 95% sure of getting a rose, that she was going home, plus Matt's lame excuse that he hadn't given her a one-on-one date because she'd been so good at stealing time from the others during the episodes.

I'm not sure why he kept Chelsea though, since she doesn't really like to be affectionate and he does. Come on, that's not really going to change in the course of this show. And Shayne Lamas, why is she on this show? She's a hot, little blonde, who I'm sure has not been without a date since even before she hit puberty. This is not the first reality TV show she's taken part in. She was dating a guy who has a show on MTV that she appeared on. Methinks that Miss Shayne is hoping to get a career boost out of this. I can't imagine Matt picking her in the end. She's whiny, needy and brings her make-up on the ski slope for touch-ups. WTF?

I think it's going to come down to the interchangeable brunettes, Amanda and Noelle. He clearly likes brunettes, and they both seem down to earth and relatively down to earth. We all know though that whowever he chooses, unless she's willing to move to the UK, she's toast.

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