Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Gaffe Heard Round the World

Is Paula Abdul crazier than a bedbug? Don't answer that question, because the answer is yes. Last night, during AI, she criticized Jason Castro before he had sung his second song. She claimed that she was just reading her notes for another performer, but she clearly thought that Jason had sung two songs because she said so. Despite the fact that Ryan only asked for the judges thoughts on the FIRST song.

She claimed on Ryan Seacrest's radio talk show that she got confused because they were only supposed to give feedback at the end of show, not in the middle, so her notes about another performer got screwed up with her Jason Castro notes. Yeah right Paula. And that's just Coke in your cup (alledgedly!).

I really felt for poor Jason Castro when she told him that she didn't think he was doing enough to get into the final four right before he had to sing his second song. Clearly she wasn't talking about David Archuleta or David Cook, or the two other girls in the competition. She had to have meant Jason Castro. My feeling is that she was reading off her notes from watching the rehearsal earlier in the day on his card. Because she was actually right in that Jason Castro looks like he's sleepwalking through the rest of the competition. Like he can't believe he's gotten this far on what seems to have been a lark, and now he might actually be with in spitting distance of winning it. Holy Bong Water Batman!

Is it just me or is it pretty obvious that the judges and the producers are hoping for an all David finale? The emo rocker vs. the cute kid. Maybe I've reached reality TV saturation but I'm not really invested this year the way I have been in the past. I think that David Cook will make a great album which I would buy and listen to but little David? Not so much. I haven' t bought Jordin Sparks CD either.


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