Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Oh No She Didn't!

MY Kristi did it! She scored a 30 last night for her jive with Mark Ballas, who has to be the best choreographer of the group of professional dancers this season. He knows how to play to Kristi's strengths, and he knows how to teach as well. Pretty awesome for someone who is only like 23 years old. Of course, he has been dancing since he was in utero since his parents are ballroom dancing champs.

Mario and Katrina did a nasty, raunchy rumba to Marvin Gaye's 'Let's Get it On,' which DANCMSTR Len hated, but what did he expect with that song. Its kind of hard to do any dance without it getting raunchy, that's the point of the song. Thank god, they didn't dance to 'Sexual Healing.' Len would have had a coronary. As it was, Bruno called him 'crusty and stiffy.'

Poor Marlee, unless they go back to either a Quickstep or a Foxtrot, she's going to be lost. Right now, it looks like Fabien is jerking her around the dance floor to the rhythm. However, I gave her all 21 of my votes because I would rather she stay than Marissa Jaret, who is working my last nerve. She needs to lay off the sugar or take a valium. She's exhausting.

Christian de la Fuente was all over my TV this weekend, what with Viva Hollywood and DWTS last night. He was very funny on Sunday, trying to convince Vinci to do a gay love scene and Vinci freaking out. And then when he criticized Roseny, who got attitude, like 'Who the heck are you?' Someone with a career, honey, which is what you are trying to get out of this experience. So shut up and listen! Anyway, he did a very nice foxtrot on DWTS.

On The Bachelor, for some reason, Matt let Noelle go home, even though he said in a voice-over, that he could see spending the rest of his life with her. WTF? Chelsea doesn't want to hold hands, and Shayne only wants to be a huge star, Noelle was genuine. Seriously, he's going to be sorry he kept either one of those other than Noelle. I think he's blinded by Shayne's sex kitten attitude. But seriously, if he picks her, is he going to move to LA? Because there is no way than she's going to have a career in the UK, except as a TV presenter. Her next move after this show is DWTS. And Lorenzo still looks good, although you could tell that he pretty much abandoned her during childhood for his other wives/kids. And her mother (along with Priscilla Presley) is the poster child for reasons not to have plastic surgery. Although I couldn't tell if maybe she might have had an accident or something.

Wow, Amanda, huge risk using your hometown date to play a prank on Matt. Good thing he found it funny, eventually. Amanda had hired actors to play her parents, including drunk Mom hitting on him, and conservative Dad. My question is this, why would you waste your homedate to play a joke? I have a feeling that he is going to choose her in the end.

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